Remembrance Day Legacies:

UFV Library Staff Family Histories

UFV library staff have contributed photographs, documents, medals and other family memorabilia for the display. As well, library books about the various wars including World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam War, and other Canadian peacekeeping missions are on display.  

Brenda Philip, UFV’s Circulation and Data Services Librarian, couldn’t imagine the treasure trove of information she would find when going through a family trunk looking for something to contribute to the display. 


Captain George Morrison Philip was awarded both the Military Cross, with a bar, and the Distinguished Service Order in 1916.  



Brenda found her grandfather Captain George Morrison Philip’s military archive including photographs, transcribed letters written by her grandfather in the trenches of World War I, and other correspondence relating to his military decorations.



Upon closer examination of the supporting documentation of the DSO, library staff were delighted to see signatures from both King George V and Winston Spencer Churchill, the then Minister for War.



University Librarian, Patti Wilson, brought in photos of three family members.  Two photos show relatives who served in World War I, in the naval and land forces respectively, and one dashing photo shows James Frame Morris who fought in the Boer War.



Heather LeGood, UFV’s media technician, brought in two photos of relatives that served in World War I and II.  Jarvis H. McLeod, Heather's uncle, fought in WWII.


Alexander K. McLeod, LeGood’s great uncle, went missing in action near Arras, France during World War I. His body was never recovered.


UFV Library Resources:

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Last updated: 29/11/2013, lm.

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