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Manage stress in your life

Relaxing photo courtesy of Perry Stehr


Stress is not caused by an event itself but by how we perceive it. We can manage stress by dealing with the stressor itself and/or by learning techniques to manage the stress. Different people react to stress differently.

Stress causes:

• Change in life circumstances: financial, health, relocation, family, work, school
• Perceived challenges or threats
• Feeling of loss of personal control
• Feeling overwhelmed with work

Stress busters:

• Discover your specific triggers and symptoms
• Manage time, prioritize, reduce demands and organize
• Develop healthy practices: eat nutritious food, sleep seven to eight hours, exercise
• Avoid stimulating substances like caffeine, sugar and some drugs
• Develop a support system: talk with friends and family
• Examine thoughts and beliefs: try to recall what helped in the past
• Practice positive and calming self-talk
• Find activities that are relaxing or soothing to you: listen to your favourite music, take hot baths, meditate, do something you enjoy
• Find humour in life: spend time with people who make you laugh, see a funny movie or read a funny book
• Distract yourself temporarily: watch TV or play a game

Recognizing stress:

• Stomach trouble
• Headaches
• Withdrawal
• Blaming
• Anger
• Fatigue
• Inability to focus or lack of concentration
• Anxiety
• Heart pounding
• Irritability
• Harsh treatment of others
• Increased alcohol or drug consumption
• Change in eating and sleeping patterns
• Excessive worry
• Forgetfulness
• Teeth grinding
• Accident prone
• Cold sores
• Skin disorders
• Frequent colds

Want more information?

UFV’s Counselling Department is the best source for advice and information or issues related to learning, studying, time management and academic performance.

Workshops on learning, studying and related topics are offered regularly each semester by the Counselling Department. Please call Student Services in Chilliwack at 604-795-2808 to make an appointment.

See the Counselling Department’s Study Skills tips webpage:

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Other Resources:

UFV Counselling Department:

UFV Counselling handouts:

Student Life: campus recreation:

Student Life: clubs and associations:

Student Union Society U-Pass (including information about free student access to community recreation centres):


Thanks to Chilliwack campus counsellor Julie Egers for help in putting together resources for this display, and to Perry Stehr for allowing us to use his photograph.

Julie Egers also suggests: Relax and renew: restful yoga for stressful times by Judith Hanson Lasater, PhD.

Last updated: March 19, 2013, lm.

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