UFV Chilliwack Library Welcome
Chilliwack: Fall 2012

Display in the hallway outside the Chilliwack library

Michap Kwetxwi:lem

UFV Library’s inaugural display at the new Canada Education Park campus tells a story of welcome. The display is an acknowledgment that the campus is built on Stó:lō traditional territories. It features photographs of two welcome figures, carved by George Pennier of Scowlitz, that stand outside the resource building at Coqualeetza on Vedder Road. Aboriginal connections to the mountains are portrayed through the representation of Mount Slesse, to the land by the rocks on the floor of the display, and to the water, by the stream at the mountain’s foot. The welcome figures and the drum, which is used by the Stó:lō to sing welcome songs, as well as the Halq’emeylem greeting: “Michap Kwetxwi:lem,” which means welcome, greet all who enter UFV’s newest campus.

Stó:lō Nation and UFV Library chose to feature Mount Slesse in our welcoming display because of the significance of the mountain as a transformation site. Transformation sites are all around Stó:lō territory. They tell about the time before the world became what we know it to be today and mark the places where Xe:xá:ls changed people and animals into the features that mark Chilliwack’s landscape. In the case of Mount Slesse, the transformation story is lost. “It’s a part of history affected by smallpox and colonialism,” said Dr. David Schaepe, co-manager of the Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre, who worked with the library to create this display. Researchers realized that Mount Slesse is a transformation site when they came across an obscure reference in a book. “We’re hanging onto it with one little sentence,” Schaepe said, but “we’re confident it is a transformation site.” The library display honours this belief with the incorporation of Mount Slesse in this display. 

Library Resources:


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The library wishes to thank every one who helped us create this display, especially Dr. David Schaepe and other members of the Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre, Shirley Hardman, UFV senior advisor on Indigenous Affairs, Josephine Charlie, UFV Aboriginal activities and cultural assistant, Leslie Olsen, UFV West technician in charge, Chris Wilson, Nial Harrison-Morry, Dr. Lisa Storozynsky, Molly and Bob Ungar and Colin Longpre from the Royal BC Museum for his advice and support.

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