Interlibrary Loan Book Requests, Academic Year 2004-2005 (UCFV)

CourseBook TitleAuthor 
ADED Dilemmas of a Successful People's Education (Thesis)Zachariah, Mathew
ADED The Theory of Mass Literacy Campaign (Thesis)Bhola, H.S.
ADEDBrainswitching: A skin for the 21st CenturyTyler, Linda
ADED 330Compulsive Overeating (Thesis)Kolodchin, Roman
ADED 330Repairing the injured maternal archtype through the twelve step community(Thesis)Colby, Tricia
ADED 430Understanding behaviors for effective leadershipHowell, Jon
AH 101Bury the dead : tombs, corpses, mummies, skeletons & ritualsSloan, Christopher
AH 101Discovering the royal tombs at Ur
AH 101Epigraphy of death : studies in the history and society of Greece
AH 316A theory of parody: the teachings of twentieth-century art formsHucheon,Linda
AH 316First Nations artist in Canada :a biographical-bibliographical guideAcland. Joan
AH 316Land, spirit, power ; Fist Nations a the National Gallery of CanadaNemiroff, Diana
AH 316Mixed Blessings: new art in a multimedia AmericaLippard, Lucy
AH 316Nations in Urban LandscapesCrosby, Marcia
AH 316Politics, gender and the arts :women, the arts and society
AH 316Questions of community : artists, audiences, coalitions
AH 316Unbury my Heart: An exhibition of the art of Shelley NiroNiro, shelley
AH 316Visions of Power: Contemporary Art by First Nations, Inuit and…
Anth 101Tree of origin: what primate behavior can ell us about human
Anth 102Someone, no one : an essay on individualityBurridge, Kenelm
Anth 240Ethnoarchaeology in actionDavid, Nicholas
Anth 240Explorations in ethnoarchaeology
Anth 240Tahltan ethnoarchaeologyAlbright, Sylvia
Anth 469Lame Deer, seeker of visionsFire, john
Bio 202SynapsesCowan, Maxwell
Bio 202The Cerebellum : from structure to controlde Zeeuw
Bio 416African ungulates: a comparative review of the ethology..Leuthold, Walter
Bio 416Deer of the world : their evolution, behaviour and ecologyGeist, Valerius
Bio 416Developmental patterning of the vertebrate limbNATO
Bio 416Play in animals and humans
Bio 416Population and Development ReviewOrzack, steven
Bio 409Biology and management of the Cervidae (Thesis)No listed author
Bio 409Neonatal behavioral development, mother-infant relationship, and behavioral(Thesis)Smith, Christine Ann
Bus 203Canadian organizational behaviourMcShane, Steven
CIS 145Web wizards' guide to Freeware and SharewareLehnert, Wendy
CIS 145Web wizard's guide to web designLengel, James
Cmns 235Blood orangesHawkes, John
Cmns 235Spirit of the people : an analysis of the English mindFord, Madox
Cmns 250Built on trust: gaining competitive advantage in any organizationCiancutti, Arthur
Cmns 250Effective police leadership : moving beyondBaker, Thomas
Cmns 250Etiquette advantage in business ; personal skills for professional Post, Peggy
Cmns 250Lead shot contamination in soils and lead bioaccumulation in earthworms (Thesis)Darling, Colin
Cmns 250Managing workplace negativityTopchik, Gary
Crim 100Entrapment in Canadian criminal lawStober, Michael
crim 100Identifying the sexual serial killer: a comparative study of sexual serial... (Thesis)Jania, Romano
Crim 101Crown Files research project : a study of dangerous offenders
Crim 101Drug Treatment behind bars ; prison-based strategiesInciardi, James
Crim 103Last face you'll ever see : the private life of the AmericanSolotaroff, Ivan
Crim 104Mafia dynasty : the rise and fall of the Gambino familyDavis, John
Crim 104War against the Mafia
Crim 10511 myths of media violencePotter, W James
Crim 151Basic issues in training : a foundation for community Sloan, Ron
Crim 151Philosophy and role of community policing
Crim 210Blaming children ; youth crime, moral panic and the politics
Crim 220Data mining: practical machine learning tools and techniquesWitten, Ian
Crim 3111995 audit of anti-Semitic incidents
Crim 311Anti-Asian violence in north America : Asian American 
Crim 311Ethno cultural groups and the justice system in CanadaCurrie, Albert
Crim 311Hate and racist groupsAltman, Linda
Crim 311Racial profiling   Pampel, Fred
Crim 311Racial profiling :eliminating the confusion between racial Fredrickson, Darin
Crim 311Survey of hate-motivated activity : technical report
Crim 311Victim impact of racially motivated crime : a studyGrushcow, Lisa
Crim 320The state of criminal justice: an annual reportGill, Kiran
Crim 420Effective response to school violence : a guide for educatorsJones, Tony
Crim 420Trial within  reasonable time :a short history of recent contCode, Michael
Crim 460Alternatives to prison in developing countries
Crim 460Badge and the book : building effective police/school partnershipsMathews, Frederick
Crim 460Crime without punishment : impunity in Latin America
Crim 460Defending young people in the criminal justice systemAshford, Mark
Crim 460Final Justice: police and death squad homicides of adolescentsPenglase, Ben
Crim 460International handbook on juvenile justiceShoemaker, Donald
Crim 460International handbook on juvenile justice
Crim 460Justice and troubled children around the worldStewart, Lorne
Crim 460Juvenile justice in the New EuropeBooth, Timothy
Crim 460National directory of exemplary school-based programsRyan, Colleen
Crim 460Pornography and prostitution in France, the NetherlandsKiedrowski, John
Crim 460Young offenders : law, policy and practiceBall, Caroline
CSM 108The relationship of right and left hemisphere learning experiences in...(Thesis)Airhart, Arlene M.
CYC 410bBuilding your career portfolioPoore, Carol 
CYC 410bCareer advancement portfolioIrby, Beverly
CYC 410bPortfolio powerKimeldorf, Martin
CYC 410bProof of performance portfolioNelles, Rick
Econ 307Theory of games and economic behaviorVon Neumann, John
EDU 200Starting at home ;caring and social policyNoddings, Nel
EDU 333Breaking the silence ; an interpretive study of residential school
EDU 333Circle game : shadows and substance in the Indian residential Chrisjohn, Roland
EDU 333Kindling the spark : the era of one-room schools, an anthology
Eng 099Understanding your child's sexual behavior: what's natural and…Johnson, Toni C.
Eng 105Black Humor: Critical Essays
Eng 105Brave menPyle, Ernie
Eng 105Exact Location of the soul : new and selected essaysSelzer, Richard
Eng 105Gun control is not crime controlMauser, Gary
Eng 105Happily ever after : fairy tales, children and the culture Zipes, Jack
Eng 105Here is your warPyle, Ernie
Eng 105Higher superstition : the academic left and is quarrelsGross, Paul
Eng 105Letters from Kiev / translated by Myrna Kotash : withPavlychko, Solomiia
Eng 105Stem cells and the future of regenerative medicine
Eng 309Cherished torment : the emotional geography of Lady Mary WrothCavanagh, Sheila
Eng 309Gender and authorship in the Sidney circleLamb, Mary
Eng 309Pamphilia to AmphilanthusWroth, Mary
Eng 309Sidney family romance ; Mary Wroth, William HerbertWaller, Gary
Eng 316C.S.. Lewis in contextMyers, Doris
Eng 316Longing for a farm ; essays on the fiction of C.S.. Lewis[1]
Eng 316Transcendent adventure : studies of religion in science 
Eng 335Original Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam Omar Khayyam
Eng 354A Canadian in Europe (Thesis)Withrow, W.H.
Eng 354Away from home : Canadian writers in exotic placesDobbs, Kildare
Eng 354Canuck down SouthWeir, Arthur
Eng 354Gold in Caribou : a story of adventure in BCPhillipps-Wolley, Clive
Eng 354Goldwin Smith, Victorian liberalWallace, Elisabeth
Eng 354Letter from the Khyber Pass and other travel writingWoodcock, George
Eng 354Over the sea : a summer trip to BritainWetherell, James
Eng 354Snap : a legend of the lone mountainPhillipps-Wolley, Clive
Eng 354Strange corners of the worldWetherell, James
Eng 354The chicamon stone (Thesis - Microform)Phillipps-Wolley, Clive
Eng 354The Letters of "Norah" on her tour through Ireland (Thesis - Microform)McDougall, Margaret D.
Eng 354Trip to EnglandSmith, Goldwin
Eng 354Writing away, the PEN Canada travel anthology
Eng 362Goldwin SmithSheffe, Norman
Eng 362Kit's kingdom : the journalism of Kathleen Blake ColemanFreeman, Barbara
Eng 362Pictograms from the interior of BCWah, Fred
Eng 362Shoot!Bowering, George
Eng 362They went forthMcNab, John
Eng 490Hearing voices ; modern drama and the problem of subLutterbie, John
Eng 492Desire for origins : new language, old English and teachingFrantzen, Allen
Eng 492Exploring C. S. Lewis' The chronicles of NarniaBeetz, Kirk
Eng 492Lion of Judah in never-never land : the theology of C.S. LewisLindskoog, Kathryn
Eng 492Longing for a form : essays on the fiction of C.S.. Lewis
Eng 492Taste of the pineapple : essays on C.S.. Lewis as reader
Eng 492Web of words : structural analyses of the Old EnglishHuppe, Bernard
Fre 345Dans l'ombre des projecteurs; les Quebecoises et le cinemaDenault, Jocelyn
Fre 345Le Cinema Quebecois: a la recherche d'une identite?Poirier, Christian
Geo 130From beyond the western horizon: Canadians from the sub-Hardwick, Francis
Geo 130Spirit of Africville
Geo 130The British World: Diaspora, Culture and Identity
Geo 241Street involved First Nations female adolescents perceptions of their future (Thesis)Dolman, Corinne
Geo 242Migrants, ethnic minorities and the labour market
Geo 242Thailand at the margins :internationalization of the stateGlassman, Jim
Geo 341Continuing city: William Blake's JerusalemPaley, Morton
Geo 341Jerusalem : a city and its futureBreger, Marshall
Geo 341New Jerusalem : planning politicsKutcher, Arthur
Geo 341Planning Jerusalem : the master plan for the old citySharon, Aryeh
Geo 341Urban social ,movements in Jerusalem : the protest of the secondHasson, Shlomo
Geo 344Detroit in it's world setting: a three hundred year chronlology, 1701…
Geo 345Quebec ct : Primary cause of the American revolutionMetzger, Charles
Geo 400bDrumlin symposium : proceedings of the Drumlin SymposiumDrumlin Symposium
Geo 400bSedimentary Structures, their character and physical basisAllen, John R.L.
Geo 402Red earth, white lies ; Native Americans and the myth of sciDeloria, Vine
Geo 411Fishes of the Tigris-Euphrates basin: a critical check-listCoad, Brian
Geo 433Giant Submarine Landslidews on the Hawaiian RidgeMoore, J.G.
Geo 433aJapanese community in Brazil, 1908-1940Lone, Stewart
Geo 433aPolitics of river trade : tradition and development in the UpperWhigham, Thomas
Geo 433hGlacial Lake Missoula and the channeled scablandBreckenridge, Roy
Geo 433hPaleohydrology and sedimentology of Lake MissoulaBaker, Victor
Geo 445Ideology, Politics and Power (Thesis)French, Diana
Geo 470Catastrophic flooding : the origin of the channeled scabland
Geo 470Glacial Lake Missoula and the channeled scabland
Geo 482Little ice ageGrove, Jean
Hist 101Alone in an untamed land : the Filles du roi diary of Helene St. OngeTrottier, Maxine
Hist 101King's daughters and founding mothers : the Filles du roiGagne, Peter
Hist 101King's daughters and founding mothers : the Filles du roiGagne, Peter
Hist 102An army with banners : the real face of OrangismBrown, William
Hist 102Drumcree : the Orange Order's last standRyder, Chris
Hist 102Drumcree : the Orange Order's last standRyder, Chris
Hist 102Protestants first : Orangeism in nineteenth century ScotlandMcFarland, E
Hist 110Redfining the Egyptian nation, 1930-1945Gershoni, I.
Hist 112Propaganda in war 1939-1945 : organizations, policiesBalfour, Michael
Hist 112Selling war: the British propaganda campaign against AmericanCull, Nicholas
Hist 112SuezKyle, Keith
Hist 112To win the peace ; British propaganda in the United StatesBrewer, Susan
Hist 201Art and death at the Spanish Habsburg court : the royal exequiesOrso, Steven
Hist 201One family, two empires
Hist 241Fraud, politics and the dispossession of the IndiansNammack, Georgiana
Hist 242A history of the Federal ReserveMeltzer, Alan
Hist 242Crusaders for American liberalismFiller, Louis
Hist 242Labor & the progressive movement in New York State 1897-1916Yellowitz, Irwin
Hist 242New winter soldiers : GI and veteran dissent during the VietnamMoser, Richard
Hist 242Ripening: Selected Work, 1927-1980Le Sueur, Meridel
Hist 242Telltale hearts : the origins and impact of the Vietnam antiwarGarfinkle, Adam
Hist 242The girl: The novelLe Sueur, Meridel
Hist 242Trial of Scott Nearing and the American Socialist SocietyNearing, Scott
Hist 264Dust in the balance ;British women in India 1905-1945Barr, Pat
Hist 264Women and empire : representations in the writings of BritishSen, Indrani
Hist 264Women between cultures : the lives of Kinnaird alumnaeMaskiell, Michelle
Hist 308Memoir of Marco Parenti : a life in Medici FlorencePhillips, Mark
Hist 308Prayer Book and People in Elizabethan and Early Stuart Englandmaltby, judith D
Hist 308Ritual Theory, Ritual PracticeBell, Catherine M.
Hist 308Ritual: Perspectives and DimensionsBell, Catherine M.
Hist 308The Collects of Thomas CranmerChurch of England
Hist 308The Passions and the Interests: Political Arguments for CapitalismHirschman, Albert
Hist 308Thomas Cranmer: a lifeMacCullock, Diamaid
Hist 308Transformations of the worldWall, John N.
Hist 308Voices of Morebath : reformation and rebellion in an EnglishDufy, Eamon
Hist 310Feminist theorists : thee centuries of women's intellectualOakley, Ann
Hist 310Making of man-midwifery : childbirth in England,1660-1770Wilson, Adrian
Hist 310Midwives and medical men :a history of inter-professional rivalriesDonnison, Jean
Hist 310Millicent Garrett FawcettStrachey, R
Hist 310Stolen daughters, virgin mothers  Mumm, Susan
Hist 310Stolen daughters, virgin mothers : Anglican sisterhoodsMumm, Susan
hist 314A brief compendium of the birth, education, heroick exploits and victories (Thesis)No listed author
Hist 314A discourse of Tangier under the government of the Earl of Teviot (Thesis)Addison, Lance
Hist 314A short account of the progress of the mole at Tangier (Thesis)No listed author
Hist 314British Attitudes towards India: 1784-1858Bearce, George
hist 314By the King. A proclamation declaring His Majesties pleasure to settle and (Thesis)Charles II
Hist 314Cecil John Rhodes, 1853-1902Colvin, Ian
Hist 314Cecil Rhodes : the anatomy of empireMarlowe, John
Hist 314David Livingstone : his life and lettersSeaver, George
Hist 314David Livingstone : mission and empireRoss, Andrew
Hist 314David Livingston--his triumph, decline and fallNorthcott, Cecil
Hist 314Flannel shirt and liberty : British emigrant gentlewomen 
Hist 314Great and Bloody news from Tangier, or, A full and true relation of a great (Thesis)No listed author
Hist 314Histoire de la mission du Tonkin : documents historiques 1658-Launay, Adrien
Hist 314Histoire du royaume du TonkinRhodes, Alexandre
Hist 314Immigration and race in British politicsFoot, Paul
Hist 314Last journals of avid Livingstone, in central Africa, from 1865Livingstone, David
Hist 314Livingstone and his African journeysHuxley, Elspeth
Hist 314Out of Place: Englishness, empire and the locations of IdentityBaucom, Ian
Hist 314Silent day in TangiersBen Jelloun, Tahar
Hist 314Tanger sous l'occupation anglaise, d'apres une description 
Hist 314Tangier : a different wayVaidon, Lawdom
Hist 314Tangier, England's lost Atlantic outpost, 1661-1684Routh, E
Hist 314Tangier, England's lost Atlantic outpost, 1661-1684Routh, E
Hist 315American art since 1900Rose, Barbara
Hist 315By the bomb's early light : American thought and culture at theBoyer, Paul
Hist 315Critical issues in American art ; a book of readings
Hist 315Disarming images :art for nuclear disarmament
Hist 315Dr. Strangelove and the hideous epoch :deterrence in the NuclearRenaker, John
Hist 315Fallout : a historian reflects on America's half-century encounterBoyer, Paul
Hist 315Fate of the earth; and,The abolitionSchell, Jonathan
Hist 315Franco-Prussian warMauni, Roger
Hist 315Franco-Prussian war : the German conquest of FranceWawro, Geoffrey
Hist 315Franco-Prussian war : the German invasion of FranceHoward, Michael
Hist 315Nuclear fear : a history of imagesWeart, Spencer
Hist 315Response of the Royal Army to the French RevolutionScott, Samuel
Hist 315Tactical deductions from the war of 1870-71Boguslawski, A
Hist 315Unthinking the unthinkable " nuclear weapons and western cultureSmith, Jeff
Hist 315Vital forms : American art in the atomic age 1940-1960Rapaport, Brooke
Hist 315War heads : cartoonists draw the line
Hist 325A history of the concept of Professionalism in Canadian Sport (Thesis)Cosentino, Frank
Hist 325Sporting Scots of nineteenth century CanadaRedmond, Gerald
Hist 385Bamboo cross : Christian witness in the jungles of Viet NamDowdy, Homer
Hist 385Essays on the population of Taiwan,Taibei, Academia
Hist 385Formosa Today: An analysis of the economic development…Grajdanzev, Andrew
Hist 385French Catholic missionaries and the politics of imperialism
Hist 385God in Vietnam : a Christian mission on the plateaux of VietnamDournes, Jacques
Hist 385Les missionnaires francais au Tonkin et au Tonkin et au SiamForest, Alain
Hist 385Mission and catechesis : Alexandre de Rhodes and inculturationPhan, Peter
Hist 385The present danger of Tangier, or, An account of it's being attempted by a (Thesis)No listed author
Hist 396Between promise and policy: Ronald Reagan and conservativeKaraagac, John
Hist 396Bible, religion and the public schoolsBoles, Donald
Hist 396Constitution of the Dominion Council of Canada and Newfoundland, (Thesis)No listed author
Hist 396Elephants in the cotton fields : Ronald Reagan and the newGreenhaw, Wayne
Hist 396Jew vs. Jew : the struggle for the soul of American JewryFreedman, Samuel
Hist 396Jews in Christian America : the pursuit of religious equalityCohen, Naomi
Hist 396Jews in unsecular America : essays
Hist 396Manual of the select degree with the rite of raising, form of opening and… (Thesis)No listed author
Hist 396Manual of the Temperance Society : dedicated to the youthChiniquy, Charles
Hist 396New politics of old valuesWhite, John
Hist 396On Reagan : the man & his presidencyDugger, Ronnie
Hist 396Reagan doctrine and beyond
Hist 396Real Reagan : what he believes, what he has accomplishedVan der Linden, Frank
Hist 396Religious teaching in the public schoolsBeman, Lamar
Hist 396Ritual of the royal degree including the ceremony of and burial service of (Thesis)No listed author
Hist 396Royal Templar platform a collection of readings and recitations for council (Thesis)No listed author
Hist 396United States Jewry, 1776-1985Marcus, Jacob
Hist 396EBlessed are the cynical: How original sin can make America a…Ellingsen, Mark
Hist 396EWaterfront Warlord: the life and violent times of Hal C. BanksEdwards, Peter
Hist 397Dreams and visions in English poetryHow, Marjorie
Hist 397Flesh and spirit :private life in early modern GermanyOzment, Steven
Hist 397Holy household : women and morals in Reformation AugsburgRoper, Lyndal
Hist 397Visionary women : ecstatic prophecy in seventeenth centuryMack, Phyllis
Hist 397 Midwives book or the whole art of midwifery discoveredSharp, Jane
Hist 397cApparitions in late medieval and renaissance SpainChristian, William
Hist 397cMaking of man-midwifery : childbirth in England,1660-1770Wilson, Adrian
Hist 397cRise and fall of Anne Boleyn : family politics at the court of Henry VIIIWarnicke, Retha
Hist 397DMany Shades of Red: State Policy and Collective AgricultureMeurs, Mieke
Hist 397dNestor Makhno in the Russian civil warMalet, Michael
Hist 397dStruggle against the state & other essaysMakhno, Nestor
Hist 418America and the Armenian genocide of 1915
Hist 418Armenian genocide : history, politics, ethics
Hist 418Armenians : history of a genocideTernon, Yves
Hist 418From empire to republic ; a Turkish nationalism Akcam, Taner
Hist 418Judgment unto truth : witnessing the Armenian genocideJernazian, Ephraim
Hist 418Quest for closure ; the Armenian genocide and the search forShirinian, Lorne
Hist 420We came from over the sea : British war brides in Newfoundland
Hist 430Barnardo of Stepney, the father of nobody's childrenWilliams, A
Hist 430British emigration to British North America : the first hundredCowan, Helen
Hist 430Day they took the childrenWicks, Ben
Hist 430For the sake of the children : inside Dr Barnardo's Rose, June
Hist 430Immigrant domestic servants in CanadaBarber, Marilyn
Hist 430Thank you twice; or, How we like AmericaBell, Caroline
Hist 430They carried the swordHitchman, Janet
Hist 430Who will take our children?Jackson, Carlton
Hist 433Strangers in the ethnic homeland ; Japanese Brazilian return migraTsuda, Takeyuki
Hist 459A journey in BrazilAgassiz, Louis
Hist 459The Afro-Argentines of Buenos Aires, 1800-1900Andrews, George
Hist 464Canadian Sikhs. (Part 1) : and Komagata Maru MassacreSingh, Kesar
Hist 464Dowry : a study in attitudes and practicesTeja, Mohinderjit
Hist 464Eminent Sikh womenGilla, Mahindara
Hist 464Gender, caste and religious identities : restructuring class in Malhotra, Anshu
Hist 464Komagata Maru incident : a Canadian immigration battle revisitedJarvis, Robert
Hist 464Muslim women of the British Punjab : from seclusion to politicsSaiyid, Dushka
Hist 464Racism and Empire: White Settlers and Colored Immigrants in…Huttenback, Robert
Hist 464Role and status of women in SikhismGilla, Mahindara
Hist 464Women, work and property in North-West IndiaSharma, Ursula
Hist 484A most detestable crime : new philosophical essays on rape
Hist 484Beauty, brains and brawn :the construction of gender
Hist 484Boys and girls in the primary classroom
Hist 484Delivering motherhood   Amup, Katherine
Hist 484Delivering motherhood : maternal ideologies and practicesAmur, Katherine
Hist 484Delivering motherhood : maternal ideologies and practices
Hist 484Does khaki become you? : the militarization of women's livesEnloe, Cynthia
Hist 484Equal to the challenge: a anthology of women's experiences during
Hist 484Equal to the challenge: an anthology of women's experiences
Hist 484For labour and for women : the women's labour leagueCollette, Christine
Hist 484Gender influences; reading student textsRubin, Donnalee
Hist 484Images of history : nineteenth and early twentieth century Levine, Robert
Hist 484Images of history : nineteenth and early twentieth century Levine, Robert
Hist 484Memory of all that : Canadian women remember World War II
Hist 484Sex without consent : rape and sexual coercion in America
Hist 484She never was afraid : the biography of Annie BullerWatson, Louise
Hist 484We've all got scars : what boys and girls learn in elementaryBest, Raphael
Hist 484Whatever happens to little women? :gender and primary school
Hist 487Critique of ultra-leftism in China 1958-1981Joseph, William
Hist 487Dangerous tunes : the politics of Chinese music in Hong KongMittler, Barbara
Hist 487Jade flute : the story of Chinese musicLai, T
Hist 487Madame Mao, the white boned demon : a biography of Madame MaoTerrill, Ross
Hist 489Dr Johnson's womenClarke, Norma
Hist 489Early feminists : radical Unitarians and the emergenceGleadle, Kathryn
Hist 489Feminist messages : coding in women's folk culture
Hist 489John Wesley and the women preachers of early MethodismChilcote, Paul
Hist 489Origins of the popular press in England 1855-1914Lee, Alan
Hist 489Ranters, Rvivalists and reformers: Primative Methodism and rural…Ambler, R.W.
Hist 489Subjectivities : a history of self-representation in Britain 1832-1920Gagnier, Regenia
Hist 489Victorian women's magazines ; an anthology 
Hist 489Women and print culture : the construction of femininity in the earlyShevelow, Kathryn
Hist 489Women of Mr. Wesley's MethodismBrown, Earl
Hist 489Women's magazines 1693-1968White, Cynthia
Hser 190Creativity and collaborative learning : a practical guide to Thousand, J
Hser 190Dorothea Dix : New England reformerBrown, Thomas
Hser 190Heart's work : Civil War heroine and champion of the mentally illSchlaifer, Charles
Hser 190On behalf of the insane poor; selected reportsDix, Dorothea
Hser 190Restructuring for caring and effective education 1992Villa, Richard
Hser 190 Ready, willing and disabledKunc, Norman
KPE 266Mood and self-esteem enhancement in different exerciese modes (Thesis)Merns, Karen
Kpe 266Relationships among history of injury, anxiety and self-eficacy in athletes (Thesis)Durham, Roxann J.
Kpe 270An electromagnetic comparison of seated and standing uphill cycling (Thesis)Griffith, G.E.
KPE 466Family owned and non family owned business: stress and coping (Thesis)Burns, William
Libit 110Refuge of a scoundrel: the Patriot Act in librariesFoerstel, Herbert
Libit 110Vibrant but threatened : book publishing in CanadaLorimer, Rowland
Libit 130Risk and opportunity : a new approach to stock market profitsThomas, Conrad
Libit 140KaputtMalaaarte, Curzio
Libit 230Cataloguing and classificationChan, Lois
MACS 130Digital audio broadcasting : principles and applications
Math 410Elements of quaternionsHamilton, William
Math 410Emblems of mind : the inner life of music and mathematicsRothstein, Edward
Math 410History of ancient Indian mathematicsSrinivasiengar
Math 410History of vector analysis : the evolution of the idea of a vectorial Crowe, Michael
Math 410Indian mathematics and astronomy : some landmarksRao, S. Balachandra
Math 410Lilavati  Bhaskaracarya
Math 410Lilavati of Bhaskaracarya : a treatise of mathematics of VedicBhaskaracarya
Math 410Mathematicians and their times : history of mathematics Young, Laurence
Math 410Oliver Heaviside : sage in solitude : the life, work and times of anNahin, Paul
Math 410On quaternions and octonions : their geometry, arithmetic and Conway, John
Math 410Ptolemy's AlmagestPtolemy
Math 410Quaternionic quantum mechanics and quantum fieldsAdler, Stephen
Math 410Scientific papersGibbs, J. Willard
Math 410Treatise on electricity and magnetismMaxwell, James
Nurs 101Nursing and Social ChangeHuebert, Elena
Nurs 102History of nursingNutting, M. Adelaide
Nurs 102History of nursing, from ancient to modern times; a world viewStewart, Isabel
Nurs 102Nursing in society : a historical perspectiveDolan, Josephine
Nurs 102Nursing, physician control, and the medical monopoly ;historicalGroup, Thetis
Nurs 304Homeless prostitutes and AIDS: A five stage model fo attitude and behavior (Thesis)Martin, Sonia
Nurs 304Investigation of second generation indian american acculturation of native (Thesis)Saroop, Shilpa
Nurs 307Effects of Kangaroo Care in pre-teen infants (Thesis)Dodd, Virgina
Nurs 406The Relationship of constructive aggression to reslience in adults who were (Thesis)Cirillo, Irene
Phil 323Culture and modernity : east west philosophic perspectivesDeutsch, Eliot
Phil 323Faith and philosophy : the historical impactLeahy, D
PolSc 120An intellectual history of LiberalismManent, Pierre
Psyc ???Case studies of personality characteristics of young adults terminal cancer (Thesis)Skidmore, Sherry
Psyc 101Deadlier than the male : stories of female serial killersManners, Terry
Psyc 210Interference and forgetting in color memory (Thesis)Fargo, Patricia Lee
Psyc 210Judging veracity in interpersonal communication: The effects of conversation (Thesis)Feeley, Thomas
Psyc 210Olfactory stimulation and it's effect on attention, learning and memory (Thesis)Cohn, Jen
Psyc 220Mental representations : a dual coding approachPaivio, Allan
Psyc 305Self-silencing in intimate relationships: Links between gender role norms… (Thesis)Fleury, Josee Nadine
Psyc 306Advances in sport and exercise psychology measurementDuda, Joan
Psyc 325An experimental study of the effects of marijuana on memory, depth perception (Thesis)Berger, Francis
Psyc 326Emotions as pleasure/pain responses to evaluative judgements: A modern… (thesis)Reardan, Linda
Psyc 343A comparison of nerve block treatments with cognitive-behavioral therapy and (Thesis)Hann, Beverly Ann
Psyc 343An exploratory study regarding the effects of praying for others on physical (Thesis)Jacobson, Jenifer
Psyc 343The contribution of personality to individual differences of quality of life (Thesis)Lisson, Gail
Psyc 343The effect of expectancy regarding the efficacy of intercessory prayer on (Thesis)Witter, Jeanne P.
Psyc 343The response of obese and non-obese women to meditation (Thesis)Tsakonas, Francis
Psyc 343Using message framing to promote regular physical activity in college-age… (Thesis)Hsiao, Evana
Psyc 343 Zen breath meditation awareness improves heart rate variability in patients with (Thesis)Friedman, Nicole
Psyc 351Gender and ethnicity stereotypes in children's books (Thesis)Eisenberg, Khaya N.
Psyc 351Psycologists' attitudes toward corporal punishment (Thesis)Kaplan, Jeffrey P.
Psyc 351Teachers and parents perceptions of the behavior of (Thesis)Serketich, Wendy Jo
Psyc 351The Effects of social behavior on fourth and fifth grade girls perceptions of (Thesis)Bazil, Lisa Gail Duncan
Psyc 351The influence of physical attractiveness and personality on (Thesis)Garcia, Stella
Psyc 360The effects of physical attractiveness and sex-roles on initial impressions and (Thesis)Kaul, Urvashi
Psyc 367Mechanisms of word learning in children: insights from fast mapping (Thesis)Markson, Lori Robin
Psyc 370Birth order : its influence on personalityErnst, Cecile
Psyc 370Birth order and personality (Thesis)Sampsel, Hope
Psyc 375Advances in experimental social psychologyBerkowitz, L
Psyc 408Personality dimensions in animals (Thesis)Gosling, Samuel D.
SCMS 255Casino Gambling: An interactionist Ethnography of the Casino (Thesis)Kunkley, Robert
SCMS 355Quality and quantity of contact : African Americans and whites Griffen, Larry
SCMS 387Band organization of the Peel River KutchinSlobodin, Richard
SCMS 440Church, society and hegemony : a critical sociology of religion inTorres, Carlos
SCMS 440My name is lightOsorio, Elsa
Soc 220From reader to reading teacher : issues and strategies for secondAebersold, JoAnn
Soc 220Techniques in teaching writingRaimes, Ann
Soc 331Child Prostitution in India
Soc 331The subjective Experiences of At-Home Dads (Thesis)Cobb, Laura
Soc 333Aboriginal culture and perspectives : making a difference in the
Soc 333Negotiated order of the schoolMartin, Wilfred
Soc 333Personal persistence, identity development and suicideChandler, Michael
SOWK 404An analysis of social work tasks in Canadian Hospital-Based Palliative Care (Thesis)Hudson, Edward
SOWK 404Ecological Correlates of Neglect in Children 0 to 36 months (Thesis)Connell-Carrick, Kelli
SOWK 404Nationalizing citizens, bordering immigrant racialization of citizenship in the  (Thesis)Thobani, Sunera
SOWK 410Same-sex marriage : the moral and legal debate
SOWK 490Core housing need in CanadaCanada Mortgage
Span 101Discarded image : an introduction to medieval and Renaissance Lewis, C. S.
Span 101Many globalizations : cultural diversity in the contemporary world
Tesl 300Achieving understanding : discourse in intercultural encounters
Tesl 300Age and the acquisition of English as a foreign language
Tesl 300Age factor in second language acquisition : a critical look at the 
Tesl 300Building bridges : content and learning strategies for ESLChamot, Anna
Tesl 300Communication between culturesSamovar, Larry
Tesl 300Culture bound : bridging the cultural gap in language teachingValdes, Joyce
Tesl 300Culture bound : bridging the cultural gap in language teachingValdes, Joyce
Tesl 300Culture bound : bridging the cultural gap in language teaching
Tesl 300Developing communicative competence in a second language
Tesl 300Discourse analysis  for language teachersMcCarthy
Tesl 300Identity and language learning : gender, ethnicity and educational Norton, Bonny
Tesl 300Interlanguage pragmatics
Tesl 300Language learning strategies around the world :cross-cultural
Tesl 300Language play language learningCook, Guy
Tesl 300Language, minority education and gender : linking social justiceCorson, David
Tesl 300Learning styles in the ESL/EFL classroom
Tesl 300Literature and language teaching
Tesl 300Multiliteracies : literacy learning and the design of social future
Tesl 300Rediscovering interlanguageSelinker, Larry
Tesl 300Researching second language acquisition : selected papers
Tesl 300Understanding learning styles in the second language classroom
Tesl 300Variation in interlanguageTarone, Elaine
Tesl 310Classroom communication : principles and practiceCivikly, Jean
Tesl 310Classroom management ; the reflective teacher-leaderFroyen, Len
Tesl 310How languages are learned Lightbrown, Patsy
Tesl 310Interactive approaches to second language readingCarrell, Patricia
Tesl 310Learner-centered curriculum : a study in second language teachingNunan, David
Tesl 310Little English handbookBell, J
Tesl 310Making grammar work ; a handbook for ESL teachersBerish, Lynda
Tesl 310Reflective teaching in second language classroomsRichards, Jack
Tesl 310Second language learning theoriesMitchell, Rosamond
Tesl 310Teaching English grammarPooley, Robert
Tesl 310Teaching English learners : strategies and methodsDiaz-Rico, Lynne
Tesl 310Teaching multilevel classes in ESLBell, Jill
Thea 212Cocktails at PamsLamoine, Stewart
Thea 490Actor and the textBerry, Cicely
Thea 490Develop your vocal power : truly engage your audience in 8 easy Jayhmes, Jesai
Thea 490Shakespeare and CanadaKnowles, Richard Paul
Thea 490Text in actionBerry, Cicely
Thea 490Voice book : for actors, public speakers and everyone else who McCallion, Michael
VA 184August Sander : photographs of an epoch,1904-1959
VA 184Bernd und Hilla Becher : industriephotographie 2002Becher, Hilla
VA 184Girls' night outArmstrong, Elizabeth
VA 184Rineke Dijkstra :portraitsSiegel, Katy
VA 184Thomas RuffRuff, Thomas
VA 184Thomas Ruff : 1979 to presentRuff, Thomas
VA 184TypologiesBecher, Bernd
VA 184Typologies : nine contemporary photographersFreidus, Marc
VA 422Being Brown : a very public lifeBrown, Rosemary

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