CourseBook Title 
Ad Ed 320Culture 7 learning beliefs and behaviours ( Phoebe Chan) 
Ad Ed 320Educational psychology [2000 ed] (Woolfolk et al) 
Ad Ed 320Implicate journey : dimensions of self-organized adult development ( Betty-Ann Deshpande) 
Ad Ed 340Program development and evaluation resource book for trainers ( Rosemary S. Caffarella) 
Ad Ed 360Come, bright improvement! : the literary societies of nineteenth-century Ontario ( Heather Murray) 
Ad Ed 405Last Closet : the real lives of lesbian and gay teachers ( Rita M. Kissen) 
Ad Ed 405Turner diaries (Andrew MacDonald) 
Ad Ed 405Unheard voices : the effects of silence on lesbian and gay educators ( Ronni L. Sanlo) 
Ad Ed 430Leadership and the new science : learning about organization from…(Margaret J. Wheatley) 
AH 315Susan Rothenberg ( Joan Simon) 
AH 315Susan Rothenberg : painting from the 90's (Cheryl Brutvan) 
AH 316Eloquent object : the evolution of American art in craft media since 1945 
AH 316Speculum of the other woman (Luce Irigaray) 
AH 316This sex which is not one (Luce Irigaray) 
Anth 240Languages of native North America (Marianne Mithun) 
Anth 469Chihamba, the white spirit: a ritual drama of the Ndembu ( Victor w. Turner) 
Anth 469Experiencing ritual: a new interpretation of African healing ( Edith L. Turner) 
Anth 469Ndembu divination: its symbolism & techniques ( Victor W. Turner) 
Anth 469Revelation and divination in Ndembu ritual ( Victor W. Turner) 
Bio 112Annelids ( Rodney P. Dales) 
Bio 112Physiology of annelids 
Bio 201Colonization succession and stability ( A.J. Crawley Gray) 
Bio 201Staphylococcus aureus infection and disease (Bendinelli Honeyman) 
Bio 202Anthrax vaccine: is it safe? Does it work? (Joellenback et al ) 
Bio 301Biology of crabs (George F. Warner) 
Bio 301Biology of the land crabs (Burggren & McMahon) 
Bio 301Crabs (Johnson & Sakurai) 
Bio 301Gill tissue in two species of crabs… (Donald McCaughan) 
Bio 416Fossil horses ( B.J. Macfadden) 
Bio 416Horses ( Simpson) 
Bio 416World according to horses : how they run, see and think ( Stephen Budiansky) 
Bus 400Methods toward a science of behaviour and experience ( William J. Ray) 
Chem 412Fifty years of free radicals ( Cleves Walling) 
Chem 412My 132 semesters of Chemistry studies ( Vladimir Prelog) 
CIS 280Director's apprentice : animating figures in a constrained environment ( Garfield J. Ridsdale) 
CMNS 155Childbirth and authoritative knowledge: cross-cultural perspectives 
CMNS 250ADHD in schools: assessment and intervention strategies ( George DuPaul) 
CMNS 250Bubble and the bear : how Nortel burst ( Douglas Hunter) 
CMNS 250Dogs for police service, programming and training ( Sam D. Watson) 
CMNS 250K 9 scent detection : my favourite judge lives in a kennel (John Kaldenbach) 
CMNS 250Survival kit for overseas living : for Americans planning to live and work abroad ( L. Robert Kohls) 
CMNS 250Understanding and accommodating physical disabilities ( Dorothy S. Shrout) 
Crim 103Gift of fear: survival signals that protect us from violence ( Gavin DeBecker) 
Crim 105Auschwitz: a doctor's eyewitness account (Miklos Nyiszli) 
Crim 160How will ethical issues impact 21st century law enforcement ( Richard Albee) 
Crim 210Highway traffic law - 1978 (Glenn Rivard) 
Crim 210Pull over please : what to do when the police stop you ( Brian Lowrie) 
Crim 210Recent developments in driving offences law (R.S. MacKay) 
Crim 220Beyond traffic safety ( John P. Rothe) 
Crim 220Integrated traffic safety management in urban areas 
Crim 220Psychology of driving : into the 21st century (John Sawatsky) 
Crim 310Dismantling the welfare state?: Reagan, Thatcher and the politics of retrenchment ( Paul Pierson) 
Crim 310Hostages of each other: the transformation of nuclear safety since Three...( Joseph V. Rees) 
Crim 310Individualism and economic order ( Friedrich Hayek) 
Crim 310Law, capitalism and democracy: a sociology of Australian legal order ( Pat O'Malley) 
Crim 310Local governance of crime : appeals to community and partnerships ( Adam Crawford) 
Crim 311A Call for action, combating hate and bias activity : recommendations from the June 2000 round...
Crim 311A search for healing : a phenomenological study ( Brenda Bannerman) 
Crim 311Aboriginal people and other Canadians ; shaping new relationships 
Crim 311Aboriginal peoples and the criminal justice system : differences in full parole…(Andrew Welsh) 
Crim 311Dimensions of aboriginal over-representation in correctional institutions… ( Carol LaPrairie) 
Crim 311Disproportionate harm : hate crime in Canada, an analysis of recent statistics ( Julian V. Roberts)
Crim 311Ethnicity and citizenship : the Canadian case 
Crim 311First nations : race, class and gender relations ( Vic Satzewich) 
Crim 311Global human smuggling : comparative perspectives 
Crim 311Human smuggling: Chinese migrant trafficking and the challenge to America's immigration trade...
Crim 311Making it work : planning and evaluating community corrections & healing… 
Crim 311Migrant trafficking and human smuggling in Europe : a review of the evidence…(Hogarth J. Salt) 
Crim 311Organized crime and people smuggling & trafficking to Australia ( Rebecca Talby) 
Crim 311Perceptions of justice : issues in indigenous and community empowerment 
Crim 311Policing services for aboriginal peoples : a review of current trends ( Vijay Mehta) 
Crim 311Report of the national Planning Meeting on Hate Crime and Bias Activity 
Crim 311Report on aboriginal peoples and criminal justice ; equity, respect and the search for justice 
Crim 311Sentencing circles --a review 
Crim 311Status report, January 1999 to June 2000 ( BC Hate Crime team) 
Crim 311Understanding power : the indispensable Chomsky 
Crim 311Wall around the West: state borders and immigration controls in North America and Europe 
Crim 311Who gets in : what's wrong with Canada's immigration program and how to fix it ( Daniel Stoffman)
Crim 320Auto theft investigation, 1992 
Crim 320Exploring auto theft patterns in British Columbia : a case study of "top-end"…(Zachery T.Fleming)
Crim 335East Asia imperilled: transnational challenges to security (Alan Dupont) 
Crim 335Human smuggling : Chinese migrant trafficking and the challenge to America's immigration trade...
Crim 335Religion in today's school 
Crim 335Smuggled Chinese : clandestine immigration to the United States ( Ko-lin Chin) 
Crim 335Triads as business (Yiu Kong Chu) 
Crim 335Wall around the West: state borders and immigration controls in North America and Europe 
Crim 355Global human smuggling : comparative perspectives 
Crim 394Prevention framework for First Nations communities 
Crim 410Treating the trauma of rape: cognitive-behavioural therapy for PTSD ( Edna B. Foa) 
Crim 420Adolescent health survey 
Crim 420Construction of religious boundaries : culture, identity and diversity…(Harjot Oberoi) 
Crim 420Global terrorism : the complete reference guide ( Harry Henderson) 
Crim 420Historical dictionary of terrorism ( Sean Anderson) 
Crim 420Mind of the political terrorist (Richard M. Pearlstein) 
Crim 420Perspectives on terrorism 
Crim 420Political terrorism : a research guide to concept, theories …(Alex P. Schmid) 
Crim 420Terrorism : legitimation and response ( Wolfgang Koerner) 
Crim 420Terrorist myths: illusion, rhetoric and reality ( Peter C. Sederberg) 
Crim 430Aboriginal peoples and criminal justice 
Crim 450Educating judges about aboriginal justice and gender equality : the western…(Norma Wikler) 
Crim 450Race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, violent crime : the realities and the myths 
Crim 460Global report on crime and justice 
Crim 460Islamic criminal law and procedure: an introduction ( Matthew R. Lippman) 
Crim 460Review of the Young Offenders Act and the youth justice system in Canada: report 
Crim 460Subculture of violence: towards an integrated theory in criminology ( Marvin E. Wolfgang) 
Crim 460Women in Moslem family law (John Esposito) 
CSM 108Beat procrastination and make the grades : the six styles of procrastination…(Linda Sapadin) 
CYC 423Body image, eating disorders, and obesity in youth: assessment, prevention and treatment 
ECE 120Separation : strategies for helping two to four year olds ( Kathe Jarvis) 
Econ 101Principles of macroeconomics (Mankiw et al) 
Econ 101Problems in supervision: an in-basket training exercise ( Cabot L. Jaffee) 
Eng 074Television and children (Michael J.A. Howe) 
Eng 081Abortion controversy in Canada and the United States 
Eng 084Politics of liquor in British Columbia 1920-1928 (Ruth Price) 
Eng 091Companions to literature : the Stone Angel, Margaret Lawrence : teacher guide ( Lars Thompson) 
Eng 091On William Stafford: the worth of local things (Tom Andrews) 
Eng 099All that glitters: a memorial to Ottawa's Capitol Theatre and its predecessors (Hilary Russell) 
Eng 105An examination of the relationship between juvenile delinquency and learning... (D.J. Perryman) 
Eng 105Audio in media : the recording studio ( Stanley R. Alten) 
Eng 105Beating the devil out of them ( Murray A. Straus) 
Eng 105Canada and the United States : trade, investment, integration and the future ( Blayne Haggart) 
Eng 105Canada and the United States : trade, investment, integration and the future ( Blayne Haggart) 
Eng 105Children in changing families : life after parental separation 
Eng 105Clinical sports nutrition 
Eng 105Criminal justice ethics ( Paul Leighton) 
Eng 105Ethical issues in stem cell research 
Eng 105Faces of violence: psychological correlates, concepts, and intervention strategies 
Eng 105Going digital : a musician's guide to technology ( Brad Hill) 
Eng 105Human embryonic stem cell debate: science, ethics and public policy ( Suzanne Holland) 
Eng 105Human Genome Project and its ethical, legal and social implications ( Tim Williams) 
Eng 105LD/JD link: causation or correlation ( Carol M. Crealock) 
Eng 105Native children and the child welfare system (Patrick Johnson) 
Eng 105Sound advice : the musician's guide to the recording studio ( Wayne Wadhams) 
Eng 105Statue of Liberty (Charles Mercer) 
Eng 105Statue of Liberty (Oscar Handlin) 
Eng 105Statue of Liberty revisited: making a universal symbol (Wilton Dillon) 
Eng 105Therapeutic potential of creative writing: writing myself ( Gillie Bolton) 
Eng 170A river Sutra (Gita Mehta) 
Eng 170Earth house hold: technical notes & queries to fellow Dharma revolutionaries ( Gary Snyder) 
Eng 170Haroun and the sea of stories (Salman Rushdie) 
Eng 170Nectar in a sieve : a novel ( Kamala Markandaya) 
Eng 170Nectar in a sieve : a novel ( Kamala Markandaya) 
Eng 170Original dwelling place: Zen Buddhist essays ( Robert Aitken) 
Eng 170Painter of signs 
Eng 170Short guide to writing about literature (Sylvan Barnet) 
Eng 214Rhetoric : concepts, definitions, boundaries ( William A. Covino) 
Eng 304Modern heroism : essays on D.H. Lawrence, William Empson & J.R.R.Tolkien ( Roger Sale) 
Eng 304On the properties of things : John Trevisa's translation of Bartholomaeus… 
Eng 304Song of Middle-earth : J.R.R. Tolkien's themes, symbols and myths ( David Harvey) 
Eng 318Alexander Pope and his 18th century women readers ( Claudia N. Thomas) 
Eng 318Swift and scatological satire ( Jae N. Lee) 
Eng 325James Hogg: a critical study ( Louis A. Simpson) 
Eng 344Benjamin Franklin: a collection of critical essays 
Eng 344Billy Budd, sailor: an inside narrative ( Herman Melville) 
Eng 344Cosmopolitan ideal in enlightenment thought : Its form & function in the ideas… 
Eng 344Critical essays on Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter 
Eng 344Critical essays on Melville's Billy Budd, sailor ( Robert Milder) 
Eng 344Essays in Puritanism ( Andrew Macphail) 
Eng 344Ethics, evil and fiction ( Colin McGinn) 
Eng 344Fictions of the feminine: Puritan doctrine and the representation...( Margaret O. Thickstun) 
Eng 344Jefferson and Hamilton: the struggle for democracy in America ( Claude G. Bowers) 
Eng 344Jeffersonian tradition in American democracy ( Charles M. Wiltse) 
Eng 344John Winthrop ( Lee Schweninger) 
Eng 344Journal of the transactions & consequences in the settlement of Massachu… ( John Winthrop) 
Eng 344Puritan dilemma: the story of John Winthrop ( Edmund S. Morgan) 
Eng 344Scarlet Letter: complete, authorative text with biographical background... (Nathaniel Hawthorne) 
Eng 344Schools of sympathy: gender and identification through the novels (Nancy Roberts) 
Eng 344Twentieth century interpretations of Billy Budd: a collection of critical essays (Howard P. Vincent)
Eng 344Understanding the Scarlet letter: a student casebook to issues, sources...( Claudia D. Johnson) 
Eng 344Younger John Winthrop ( Robert C. Black) 
Eng 356Innovation within the modern short story through the interaction of gender…(Rosalie M. Weaver) 
Eng 356Margaret Atwood : writing and subjectivity : new critical essays 
Eng 366Community of those who have nothing in common (Alphonso Lingis) 
Eng 368Six plays ( T.W. Robertson) 
Eng 372Ancestry of Canadian English (Baeyer) 
Eng 372Bibliography of comparative studies in Canadian, Quebec and foreign literatures 
Eng 372Bibliography of studies in comparative Canadian literature 
Eng 372Languages and their territories (J.A. Laponce) 
Eng 372Poles et convergences: essai sur le roman canadien et quebecois (Philip Stratford) 
Eng 372Rapt in plaid: Canadian literature and Scottish tradition (Elizabeth Waterston) 
Eng 375Fascinating world of New Brunswick (Stuart Trueman) 
Eng 375Language and situation: language varieties and their social contexts (Michael Gregory) 
Eng 375New Brunswick (Michael Collie) 
Eng 490J.R.R. Tolkien : author of the century ( T.A. Shippey) 
Eng 490J.R.R. Tolkien and his literary resonances: views of Middle-earth (Clark & Timmons) 
Eng 490John Milton: language, gender, power ( Catherine Belsey) 
Eng 490Tolkien and the critics : essays on J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings ( Neil D. Isaacs) 
ESL 084Nutrition in pregnancy 
ESL WG74War play dilemma: balancing needs and values in the early childhood classroom (Carlsson-Paige)
Fren 325Artificial paradise : on hashish and wine as means of expanding individuality (Charles Baudelaire) 
Geog 202Surface processes and landforms ( Don Easterbrook) 
Geog 241Children make murals and sculpture: experiences in community art projects (Rosenberg) 
Geog 241Step outside: community based art education (Peter London) 
Geog 311Agricultural runoff contamination in the Fraser River estuary : discussion paper ( M.E. Hagan) 
Geog 311Aztecs ( Richard F. Townsend) 
Geog 311Chinampa agriculture: the operation of an intensive pre-industrial resource system (Robertson) 
Geog 311Contaminant loadings to the Fraser River Estuary : loadings estimated from… 
Geog 311Cultivated landscapes of middle America on the eve of conquest ( Thomas M. Whitmore) 
Geog 311Cultural change and continuity : essays in honor of James Bennett Griffen 
Geog 311Effluent point source inventory and databases for the Fraser River Basin 
Geog 311Land and politics in the valley of Mexico : a two thousand year perspective 
Geog 311Pre-Hispanic Maya agriculture 
Geog 311Prehistoric lowland Maya environment and subsistence economy 
Geog 344City for sale: the transformation of San Francisco (Chester W. Hartman) 
Geog 344Stampede city: power and politics in the West 
Geog 352Statistical handbook on the world's children ( Chandrika Kaul) 
Geog 360Hot spots: America's volcanic landscapes (Diane Cook) 
Geog 400Kampala: report on the town planning and development of… (A.E. Mirams) 
Geog 400Neighbours and national in an African city ward ( David J. Parkin) 
Geog 400Royal capital of Buganda: a study of internal conflict and external ...( Peter C. W. Gutkind) 
Geog 433aAndean kinship and marriage (Bolton and Mayer) 
Geog 433aGuinea-pigs: food, symbol, and conflict of knowledge in Ecuador (Archetti) 
Geog 433fAccessibility in Melbourne's urban fringe ( Robin J. Pryor) 
Geog 433fChanging places in new Zealand: a geography of restructuring 
Geog 433fCities unlimited: the sociology of urban development in Australia and New...( Leslie Kilmartin) 
Geog 433fFortress America: gated communities in the United States ( Edward J. Blakely) 
Geog 433fHome in the islands: housing and social change in the Pacific 
Geog 433fNew middle class and the remaking of the central city ( David Lee) 
Geog 433fNobody's home: dreams and realities in a new suburb ( Lyn Richards) 
Geog 433fRegional options 
Geog 433fShaping Melbourne's future? : town planning, the state and civil society ( J. Brian McLoughlin) 
Geog 433fUrbanization in New Zealand: geographical essays (R.J. Wellington) 
Geog 433fVery public solution: transport in the dispersed city ( Paul Mees) 
Geog 452Environmental site assessment interpretation guidelines 
Geog 480Coastal planning and management ( Robert Kay) 
Geog 480Coastal systems ( Simon K. Halett) 
Geog 480Coastal waters of the word : trends, threats and strategies ( Don Hinrichsen) 
Geog 480Corps and the shore (Orrin H. Pilkey) 
Geog 480Direct use energy from the hotsprings and subsurface resources of British...( M.M. Ghomshei) 
Geog 480Landslide risk assessment 
Geog 480Perspectives on integrated coastal zone management 
Geog 480Socioeconomic analysis of the environmental impacts of the operate…(Maria Z. Butardo-Toribio) 
Geog 480Summary report of man's impact on the California coastal zone ( Douglas L. Inman) 
Geog 480Volcanology and geothermal energy (Kenneth Wohletz) 
Geog 480Water resources and coastal management 
Geog 482Short illustrated history of roads in British Columbia 
Geog 484Dendroclimatological analysis of 5 dry site coastal Douglas fir trees ( A.E. Kivari) 
Geog 484Textbook of dendrology, covering the important forest trees of the United ..( William M. Harlow) 
Geog 484Tree rings: basics and applications of dendrochronology (Fritz H. Schweingruber) 
Geog 484Trees and wood in dendochronology: morphological, anatomical ...( Fritz H. Schweingruber) 
Hist 102A dream of riches: Japanese Canadians 1877-1977 
Hist 102Mennonite exodus : the rescue and resettlement of the Russian Mennonites…(Frank H. Epp) 
Hist 105Gold & Galena : a history of Mayo and area 
Hist 110Origins of the partition of India, 1936-1947 (Anita Inder Singh) 
Hist 236Beginnings of political democracy in Japan ( Nobutaka Ike) 
Hist 242American Indians and World War II : toward a new era in Indian affairs (Alison Bernstein) 
Hist 242Canaan land : a religious history of African Americans ( Albert J. Raboteau) 
Hist 242Civil rights since 1787: a reader on the Black struggle 
Hist 242Living in, living out: African American domestics and the great migration (Elisabeth Clark-Lewis) 
Hist 242Red scared : the commie menace propaganda & pop culture (Michael Barson) 
Hist 242United Empire Loyalists: a chronicle of the great migration (W. Stewart Wallace) 
Hist 242World War II and the American Indian ( Kenneth W. Townsend) 
Hist 262Foundations of constitutional government in modern Japan : 1868-1900 (George Akita) 
Hist 300New nature of history ( Arthur Marwick) 
Hist 310Autobiography of Margaret Oliphant: the complete text ( Oliphant) 
Hist 310Autobiography: narrative of transformation (Carolyn A. Barros) 
Hist 310Autobiography: narrative of transformation (Carolyn A. Barros) 
Hist 310Biology, medicine and society, 1840-1940 ( Charles Webster) 
Hist 310China's markets & operating environment ( Jenny Q. Yang) 
Hist 310Chinese democracy ( Andrew J. Nathan) 
Hist 310Domestic service and gender, 1660-1750: life & work in the London household (Timothy Meldrum) 
Hist 310Domestic service in late Victorian and Edwardian England, 1871-1914 ( Mark Ebery) 
Hist 310Equivocal virtue: Mrs. Oliphant and the Victorian literary market place (Vineta Colby) 
Hist 310Health care and popular medicine in  nineteenth century England: essays...( John Woodward) 
Hist 310I am here too: selections from the letters of Jane Welsh Carlyle ( Jane Welsh Carlyle) 
Hist 310Letters and memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle (Jane Welsh Carlyle) 
Hist 310Life-writings by British women, 1660-1850 
Hist 310Margaret Oliphant, a critical biography ( Merryn Williams) 
Hist 310Margaret Oliphant, a critical biography ( Merryn Williams) 
Hist 310Necessary evil: the life of Jane Welsh Carlyle ( Lawrence Hanson) 
Hist 310Nobody's angels: middle-class women and domestic ideology in Victorian culture 
Hist 310Origins of Modern feminism: women in Britain, France and the United States, 1780 (Jane Rendall)
Hist 310Problem of domestic service ( C. H. Stone) 
Hist 310Professional domesticity in the Victorian novel; women. Work and home ( Monica F. Cohen) 
Hist 310Sexual science: the Victorian construction of womanhood ( C. E. Russell) 
Hist 310Six portraits ( Isabel C. Clarke) 
Hist 310Sweated trades: outwork in nineteenth-century Britain ( Duncan Bythell) 
Hist 310Victorian feminists ( Barbara Caine) 
Hist 310Women in an industrializing society: England, 1750-1880 ( Jane Rendall) 
Hist 315"When the spirit says sing!": the role of freedom songs in the Civil Rights Movement (Sanger) 
Hist 315Barbarossa : the Russian-German conflict, 1941-1945 (Alan Clark) 
Hist 315Beyond appeasement: interpreting interwar peace movements in world politics (Cecelia Lynch) 
Hist 315Chronicles of the Barbarians: firsthand accounts of pillage and conquest ( David Willis) 
Hist 315Crusades and other historical essays: presented to Dana C. Munro by his former students 
Hist 315Crusades through Arab eyes (Amin Maalouf) 
Hist 315Crusades, a documentary survey ( James A. Brundage) 
Hist 315Crusades, idea and reality, 1095-1274 ( Louise Riley-Smith) 
Hist 315Crusading peace: Christendom, the Muslim world and Western political order (Toamz Mastnak) 
Hist 315Deadly embrace : Hitler, Stalin and the Nazi-Soviet pact, 1939-1941 ( Anthony Read) 
Hist 315From peace to war : Germany, Soviet Russia and the world, 1939-1941 ( Bernd Wegner) 
Hist 315German rule in Russia, 1941-1945 : a study of occupation policies ( Alexander Dallin) 
Hist 315Hip hop generation: young Blacks and the crisis in African American culture (Bakari Kitwana) 
Hist 315History of mountaineering in Canada (Robert W. Sandford) 
Hist 315Hitler and Russia : the Third Reich in a two-front war, 1937-1943 ( Trumbull Higgins) 
Hist 315Hitler over Russia : the coming fight between the fascist and socialist armies ( Ernst Genri) 
Hist 315Hitler's decision to invade Russia, 1941 ( Robert Cecil) 
Hist 315Journey to the promised land: crusading theology in the Historia...(Karen Skovgaard-Petersen) 
Hist 315Marion Post Wolcott : a photographic journey ( F.Jack Hurley) 
Hist 315Muslim-Christian encounters: perceptions and misperceptions (William M. Watt) 
Hist 315Plotting women : gender and representation in Mexico ( Jean Franco) 
Hist 315Sing for freedom: the story of the Civil Rights Movement through its songs (Guy Carawan) 
Hist 315Stalinism and Nazism : dictatorships in comparison ( Ian Kershaw) 
Hist 315Strategic analysis of the B.C. Gymnastics association (Scott Spencer Braley) 
Hist 315The Crusades: Islamic perspectives ( Carole Hillenbrand) 
Hist 315Tolerance and intolerance: social conflict in the age of the Crusades 
Hist 315War of the century : when Hitler fought Stalin ( Laurence Rees) 
Hist 320Hoax of the twentieth century: the case against the presumed extermination... ( A.R. Butz) 
Hist 320Holocaust denial: anti-Semitism, racism and the new right ( Gill Seidel) 
Hist 320Papon affair: memory and justice on trial ( Richard J. Golsam) 
Hist 325Cold war: the amazing Canada-Soviet Hockey Series of 1972 (Roy MacSkimming) 
Hist 325Days Canada stood still: Canada vs USSR 1972 (Scott Morrison) 
Hist 325Golf in Canada: a history (James A. Barclay) 
Hist 325Golf participation in Canada 
Hist 325Grand old game: a century of golf in Canada (John Gordon) 
Hist 325History of golf in Canada (Laurence Kavanagh) 
Hist 325Home game: hockey and life in Canada (Ken Dryden) 
Hist 325Let us now praise famous women : women photographers for the U.S…(Andrea Fisher) 
Hist 325Mountaineers: famous climbers in Canada (Phil Dowling) 
Hist 325Muscular Christianity: evangelical protestants and the development of American sport (Ladd) 
Hist 325Northern links: a duffer's unforgettable journey through the world of Canadian golf (Kendall) 
Hist 325Pay up and play the game : professional sport in Britain, 1875-1914 (Wray Vamplew) 
Hist 325Playing for dollars : labor relations and the sports business ( Paul Staudohar) 
Hist 325Sport, sectarianism, and society in Ireland (John Sugden) 
Hist 325The Patricks, hockey's royal family ( Eric Whitehead) 
Hist 325War on ice: Canada in international hockey (Scott Young) 
Hist 325Where have the ghosts gone? : sports venues and the political economy...(Anouk Belanger) 
Hist 325With God on their side: sport in the service of religion 
Hist 325God in the stadium: sports and religion in America (Robert J. Higgs) 
Hist 325Mountaineering women: stories by early climbers 
Hist 326"Haughty conquerors": Amherst and the great Indian uprising of 1763 (William R. Nestor) 
Hist 326History of the conspiracy of Pontiac, and the war of the North American tribes … (Parkman) 
Hist 326War chief of the Ottawas: a chronicle of the Pontiac war (Thomas Guthrie Marquis) 
Hist 326Women's changing landscapes: life stories from three generations 
Hist 3701 million black voices (Richard Wright) 
Hist 370African American voice in U.S. foreign policy since World war II 
Hist 370African-American soldier : from Crispus Attucks to Colin Powell ( Michael L. Lanning) 
Hist 370American patriots : the story of blacks in the military from the Revolution to...( Gail L. Buckley) 
Hist 370Blacks in America's wars : the shift in attitudes from the Revolutionary War...( Robert W. Mullen) 
Hist 370Brotherman : the odyssey of black man in America 
Hist 370Dream makers, dream breakers ; the world of Justice Thurgood Marshall ( Carl T. Rowan) 
Hist 370Human tradition in the Vietnam era ( D.E. Wilmington) 
Hist 370Ku Klux Klan : a century of infamy ( William P. Randel) 
Hist 370Ku Klux Klan : a study of the American mind ( John M. Mecklin) 
Hist 370Ku Klux Klan in American politics ( Arnold S. Rice) 
Hist 370Negro revolution in America: what Negroes want, why and how they are fighting… (William Brink) 
Hist 370Peace now : American society and the ending of the Vietnam war ( Jeffreys-Jones Rhodri) 
Hist 370Private pressure on public law : the legal career of Justice Thurgood Marshall ( Randall W. Bland) 
Hist 370Quiet strength : the faith, the hope and the heart of a woman changed a nation ( Rosa Parks) 
Hist 370The Brethren: inside the supreme court (Woodward & Armstrong) 
Hist 370Watts, the aftermath: an inside view of the ghetto ( Paul Bullock) 
Hist 385A Woman of the Times : journalism, feminism and the career of Charlotte ... ( Marilyn Greenwald) 
Hist 385Americans ( Robert Frank) 
Hist 385Boxer Rebellion : anti-foreign terror seizes China 1900 ( Irving Werstein) 
Hist 385Boxer uprising : a background study ( Victor Purcell) 
Hist 385Boxer uprising : a background study ( Victor Purcell) 
Hist 385Cities and society in colonial Latin America ( Louisa Hoberman) 
Hist 385Cultures in collision: the Boxer Rebellion (William J. Duiker) 
Hist 385Fists of righteous harmony : a history of the Boxer Uprising in China…(Henry Keown-Boyd) 
Hist 385Origins of the Boxer Uprising ( Joseph Esherick) 
Hist 385Portraits ( Bruce Davidson) 
Hist 385Radical Chic & Mau-Mauing the flak catchers ( Tom Wolfe) 
Hist 385Subway ( Bruce Davidson) 
Hist 385Toward a social landscape ( Nathan Lyons) 
Hist 390A revolutionary for our times : Rosa Luxemburg ( Stephen E. Bronner) 
Hist 390Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg ( Norman Geras) 
Hist 390Rosa Luxemburg: a life for the international (Richard Abraham) 
Hist 399Chinese pioneer family: the Lins of Wu-feng, Taiwan, 1792-1895 ( Johanna M. Meskill) 
Hist 408Autobiography and other writings ( John S. Mill) 
Hist 408Basic writings of John Stuart Mill : on liberty, the subjection of women and utilita...( John S. Mill 
Hist 408Essays on sex quality ( John S. Mill) 
Hist 408Heirs to Dionysus: a Nietzschean current in literary modernism ( John B. Foster) 
Hist 410Britain and industrial Europe, 1750-1870 : studies in British influence on the…(W.O. Henderson) 
Hist 410Business and businessmen : studies in business, economic and accounting history 
Hist 410Industrial espionage and technology transfer : Britain and France in the eighteenth...(J.R. Harris) 
Hist 410Politics of neocorporatism in France ; farmers, the state and agricultural policy…(John T. Keeler) 
Hist 410Institutional determinants fo technical change and agricultural productivity growth… (Wade) 
Hist 415Britain and industrial Europe, 1750-1870 : studies in British influence…(W.O. Henderson) 
Hist 428Boundaries of identity : a Quebec reader 
Hist 428Canada's maple leaf : the story of our flag ( Ann-Maureen Owens) 
Hist 428F.L.Q. : the anatomy of an underground movement ( Louis Fournier) 
Hist 428I stand for Canada : the story of the maple leaf flag ( Rich Archbold) 
Hist 436Canadian lighthouse ( Edward F Bush) 
Hist 436Exiles: an archival history of the World War II Japanese road camps in B.C. ( Yon Shimizu) 
Hist 436Ghost towns ( Florence A. McNeil) 
Hist 436Governesses: letters from the colonies, 1862-1882 ( Patricia Clarke) 
Hist 436History of Japanese-Canadians in British Columbia: fundamental read... (Sherry Edmunds-Flett) 
Hist 436Japanese immigration, the Vancouver riots and the Canadian diplomacy ( Howard H. Sugimoto) 
Hist 436Kikyao: coming home to Powell Street ( Tamio Wakayama) 
Hist 436Leon Fouquet and the Kootenay Indians, 1874 (Thomas A. Lascelles) 
Hist 436Metlakahtla--the holy city ( Phylis Bowman) 
Hist 436Perfect little street car system ( Henry Ewert) 
Hist 436Pride and punishment: the missionary career of father Morice of Fort St... ( Johannes Allgaier) 
Hist 436Righting historical wrongs: internment, acknowledgement and redress (Bohdan S. Kordan) 
Hist 436Sentinels of the North Pacific: the story of Pacific coast lighthouses and lightships ( Jim Gibbs) 
Hist 436Silent siege II : Japanese attacks on North America in WW II ( Bert Webber) 
Hist 436Silent siege III: Japanese attacks on North America in WW II ( Bert Webber) 
Hist 436Silent siege: Japanese attacks against North America in WW II ( Bert Webber) 
Hist 436Thomas Crosby and the Tsimshian of Port Simpson, 1874-1897 ( Clarence Bolt) 
Hist 436Trolleycars: streetcars, trams and trolleys of North America: a photographic... ( Frank Sullivan) 
Hist 459Argentina : political culture and instability ( Susan Calvert) 
Hist 459Argentina : the life story of a nation ( John W. White) 
Hist 459Argentina past and present (W.H. Koebel) 
Hist 459Argentine generation of 1837 : Echeverraia, Alberdi, Sarmiento, Mitre (William H. Katra) 
Hist 459Buenos Aires : perspectives on the city and cultural production ( David W. Foster) 
Hist 459Children of Facundo : caudillo and gaucho insurgency during the Argentine…(Ariel De la Fuente) 
Hist 459Cousins and strangers : Spanish immigrants in Buenos Aires, 1850-1930 (Jose C. Moya) 
Hist 459Emancipation of South America ( Bartolome Mitre) 
Hist 459For god and the fatherland : religion and politics in Argentina ( Michael A. Burdick) 
Hist 459From pale to pampas : a social history of Jews of Buenos Aires ( Eugene F. Sofer) 
Hist 459Immigrants in the lands of promise : Italians in Buenos Aires and New York City, 1870-1914 
Hist 459Institutions, parties and coalitions in Argentine politics ( Luigi Manzetti) 
Hist 459Jewish Buenos Aires, 1890-1930: in search of an identity (Victor A. Mirelman) 
Hist 459Jewish Gauchos of the pampas ( Alberto Gerchunoff) 
Hist 459Masculinities ; football, polo and the tango in Argentina ( Eduardo P. Archetti) 
Hist 459Mitre and Argentina ( William Jeffrey) 
Hist 459One family, two worlds : an Italian family's correspondence across the Atlantic, 1901-1922 
Hist 459Order, family and community in Buenos Aires, 1810-1860 ( Mark D. Szuchman) 
Hist 459Road to Buenos Ayres (Albert Londres) 
Hist 459Role of the Catholic church in the revolution against President Juan D. Peron... (Ruben J. Hoyos) 
Hist 459Sex and sexuality in Latin America 
Hist 459State buildings and political movements in Argentina, 1860-1916 (David Rock) 
Hist 484A day at a time: the diary literature of American women from 1764 to the present ( Margo Culley) 
Hist 484A desired past: a short history of same-sex love in America ( Leilia J. Rupp) 
Hist 484All about us: a story of the Girl Guides in Canada ( Dorothy Crocker) 
Hist 484Canadian companion ( Ryan Maxwell) 
Hist 484Celebration: 75 years of challenge and change ( Marita I. Robinson) 
Hist 484Character factory: Baden-Powell and the origins of the Boy Scout movement ( Michael Rosenthal)
Hist 484Cut and construction of women's dress in the 1930's ( Eileen Collard) 
Hist 484Fair Canada's darkside: being a description of the Canadian rescue work… 
Hist 484Fundamentalism and society : reclaiming the sciences, the family and education 
Hist 484Gender and education in Ontario: an historical reader 
Hist 484Hallelujah lads and lasses (Lillian Taiz) 
Hist 484New and improved: the transformation of American women's emotional culture ( John C. Spurlock)
Hist 484Now we are 75: a British Columbia dictionary especially for guides 
Hist 484Pulling the devil's kingdom down ( Pamela J. Walker) 
Hist 484Red hot and righteous (Diane Winston) 
Hist 484Story of the Girl Guides ( Rose G. Kerr) 
Hist 484Story of the Girl Guides, 1938-1975 ( Alix Liddell) 
Hist 484Trefoil around the world 
Hist 484True book about the Girl Guides ( Alix Liddell) 
Hist 484Women and minorities during the Great Depression 
Hist 484Women in Canadian society ( Paula Bourne) 
Hist 485Art in theory, 1815-1900: an anthology of changing ideas 
Hist 485Art in theory, 1900-1990: an anthology of changing ideas 
Hist 485Heirs to Dionysus: a Nietzschean current in literary modernism ( John B. Foster)[1] 
Hist 485Nietzsche as postmodernist: essays pro and contra 
Hist 486Christianity in the People's Republic of China (George Thompson Brown) 
Hist 486Protestantism in contemporary China (Alan Hunter) 
Hist 486Sino-Vatican relations: problems in conflicting authority, 1976-1986 (Beatrice Leung) 
Hist 487Doing business in China: practical insights: China's markets and operating ..( Jenny Q. Yang) 
Hist 487Search for modernity: Chinese intellectuals and cultural discourse in the post-Mao era ( Min Lin) 
Hist 490Beneath the cross : Catholics and Huguenots in sixteenth-century Paris ( Barbara B. Diefendorf) 
Hist 490Beneath the cross : Catholics and Huguenots in sixteenth-century Paris ( Barbara B. Diefendorf) 
Hist 490City in conflict: Troyes during the French wars of religion (Penny Roberts) 
Hist 490French wars of religion : how important were religious factors? (J.H. Salmon) 
Hist 490French wars of religion : their political aspects; an expansion of three ...( Edward Armstrong) 
Hist 490French wars of religion, 1562-1629 ( Mack P. Holt) 
Hist 490French wars of religion: selected documents 
Hist 490Iron and blood : civil wars in the sixteenth century ( Henry Heller) 
Hist 490One king, one faith : the parliament of Paris and the religious reformations...( Nancy Roelker) 
Hist 490Society in crisis : France in the sixteenth century ( J.H.M. Salmon) 
Hist 490Society in crisis : France in the sixteenth century ( J.H.M. Salmon) 
Hist 490French wars of religion, 1562-1629 ( Mack P. Holt) 
Hist 499Four minute mile by Roger Bannister ( Roger Bannister) 
KPE 160Malnutrition and poverty: magnitude and policy options ( Shlomo Reutlinger) 
KPE 260Magic metabolic fuels 
KPE 260Nutrition in sport ( Ron J. Mavehan) 
KPE 270Introduction to surface electromyography (Jeffrey R. Cram) 
KPE 315Work and power of the ligaments in soccer … (D.G.Robertson) 
KPE 400Clinical anatomy of the lumbar spine (Nikolai Bogduk) 
KPE 400Clinical biomechanics of the spine ( Augustus White) 
KPE 400Movement, stability and low back pain: the essential role of the pelvis ( Andry Vleeming) 
KPE 400Physical examination of the spine and extremities ( Stanley Hoppenfield) 
KPE 400Posture and pain (Henry O. Kendall) 
KPE 435Occupational biomechanics ( Don B. Chaffin) 
KPE 463Arthritis: your complete exercise guide ( N.F. Gordon) 
KPE 463Mechanical low back pain, perspectives in functional anatomy ( J. Peterfield) 
KPE 463Osteoarthritis, diagnosis and management ( Roland W. Moskowitz) 
KPE 463Osteoarthritis: diagnosis and medical/surgical management ( Roland W. Moskowitz) 
KPE 463Physical therapy of the low back (L.T. Twomey) 
KPE 463Therapeutic exercise for spinal segmental stabilization in low back pain:..( C.A. Richardson) 
KPE 465Femininity and the physically active woman (Precilla Choi) 
LAS 498Rigoberta Menchu controversy 
Libt 110Johann Gutenberg: the story of the invention of movable type and how printing..( Michael Pollard) 
Libt 110Library as literacy classroom: a program for teaching ( Marguerite C. Weibel) 
Libt 110Marketing/planning library and information services ( Darlene E. Weingard) 
Libt 110National Library of Canada and Canadian libraries: essays in honor of Guy Syvestre 
Libt 140Gutenberg revolution: the story of a genius and an invention that changed the world ( John Man) 
Libt 140Johannes Gutenberg: from lead letter to the computer ( Elisabeth Geck) 
Libt 140Social history of the media: from Gutenberg to the Internet ( Asa Briggs) 
Libt 250Effective approaches for managing electronic records and archives 
Nurs 102History of nursing ( Josephine A. Dolan) 
Nurs 102History of nursing: the evolution of nursing systems from the earliest ...( M. Adelaide Nutting) 
Nurs 102Nursing history: new perspectives, new possibilities 
Nurs 102Story of the growth of nursing as an art, a vocation, and a profession ( Agnes E. Pavey) 
Nurs 105Aphasia rehabilitation: manual and workbook (Martha Taylor Sarno) 
Nurs 105Developmental dysphasia (Maria A. Wyke) 
Nurs 105Oral communication problems in children and adolescents 
Nurs 311Theory & nursing: a systematic approach (Peggy L. Chinn) 
Phil 251History of philosophy in Islam ( Boer) 
Phil 251Islamic philosophy and theology: an extended story ( William M. Watt) 
Phil 314On sharing fate ( Norman S. Care) 
Phil 315Anatomy of courage ( Charles M. Moran) 
Phil 315Breaking through the abortion deadlock : from choice to consent ( Eileen McDonagh) 
Phil 315Courage, a philosophical investigation (Douglas N. Walton) 
Phil 315Happiness (Robin Barrow) 
Phil 315Happiness: an examination of a hedonistic and a eudaemonistic concept of happiness (Telfer) 
Phil 315Human agency : language, duty and value: philosophical essays ...(Jonathan Dancy, ed.) 
Phil 315I and thou (Martin Buber) 
Phil 315Limits of Hobbesian contractarianism (Jody S. Kraus) 
Phil 315Mencius and Aquinas: theories of virtue and conceptions of courage (Lee H. Yearley) 
Phil 315Moral status : obligations to persons and other living things ( Mary Anne Warren) 
Phil 315Politics of pregnancy : policy dilemmas in the maternal-fetal relationship 
Phil 315Sikh ethics ( Surinder S. Kohli) 
Phil 315Sikh ethics ( Surinder S. Kohli) 
Phil 315Sikh moral tradition : ethical perceptions of the Sikhs in the late nineteenth ...(Nripinder Singh) 
Phil 315Sikh moral tradition : ethical perceptions of the Sikhs in the late nineteenth ...(Nripinder Singh) 
Phil 315Study of the moral code of Guru Nanak's teaching : inaugural lecture, Nov...(Gurbachan S. Talib) 
Phil 315Study of the moral code of Guru Nanak's teaching : inaugural lecture, Nov...(Gurbachan S. Talib) 
Phil 323Economics of life ( Gary S. Becker) 
Phil 323Essays in the economics of crime & punishment ( Gary S. Becker) 
Phil 323Essence of Becker ( Gary S. Becker) 
Phil 490Action, purpose, and will: a format theory (Holstrom-Hintikka) 
Phil 490Aristotle and Augustine on freedom : two theories of freedom, voluntary action...( T.D.J. Chappell) 
Phil 490Augustine : from rhetor to theologian 
Phil 490Christian philosophy of Saint Augustine ( Etienne Gilson) 
Phil 490Family compact - aristocracy or oligarchy (D.W. Earl) 
Phil 490Free will : an historical and philosophical introduction ( Ilham Dilman) 
Phil 490Selected sermons of St. Augustine 
Phys 321Mechanics (L.D. Landau) 
Pol Sc 110Child sexual abuse: critical perspectives on prevention, intervention….( Christopher Bagley) 
Pol Sc 110Court and the constitution: comments on the Supreme Court Reference on constitutional... 
Pol Sc 110From Mackenzie King to Pierre Trudeau: forty years of Canadian diplomacy...( Paul Painchaud) 
Pol Sc 110Supreme court of Canada: a politically legal role, a study of the policy-...( Frank M. Bevilacqua) 
Pol Sc 120Morta di Giovanni Boldini : Casa Romei ( Giovanni Boldini) 
Pol Sc 311Alfred Stevens: the University of Michigan, Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, Sept...(William Coles) 
Pol Sc 311Dessins parisiens de Giovanni Boldini (Giovanni Boldini) 
Pol Sc 311Insecurity of freedom: essays on human existence ( Abraham J. Heschel) 
Pol Sc 311Man is not alone: a philosophy of religion ( Abraham J. Heschel) 
Pol Sc 311Passion for truth ( Abraham J. Heschel) 
Pol Sc 311Works of Alfred Stevens, sculptor, painter, designer in the Tate gallery ( Kenneth R. Towndrow) 
Psych 250Broadcast television effects in a remote community ( N.J. Mahwah) 
Psych 341Adult behavior therapy casebook ( Cynthia G. Last) 
Psych 341Comprehensive casebook of cognitive therapy 
Psych 345Class, schooling and juvenile delinquency: a life history perspective...( Marnie J. Richardson) 
Psych 355Social competence and drug use among adolescents with and without learning...( Roza S. Gra) 
Psych 367Language as social action: social psychology and language use ( Thomas Holtgraves) 
Psych 386Counseling the culturally different: theory and practice (1999) (Derald Wing Sue) 
Psych 386Counseling the culturally diverse: theory and practice (2002) (Derald Wing Sue) 
Psych 386Handbook of racialethnic minority counseling research (Joseph G. Ponterotto) 
Psych 386Multicultural encounters: case narratives from a counseling practice (Murphy-Shigematsu) 
Psych 386Prejudice, discrimination & racism ( John F. Dovidio) 
Psych 408Nature of prejudice ( Gordon W. Allport) 
Psych 408Psychological testing and American society, 1890-1930 
Psych 408Transpersonal hypnosis (Eric D. Leskowitz) 
Psych 493Case approach to counseling and psychotherapy (Gerald Corey) 
Rel St 201Between God and man: an interpretation of Judaism, from the writings...(Abraham J. Heschel) 
Rel St 201Heschel, Hasidism and halakha ( Samuel H. Dresner) 
SCMS 310Liberation theology and sociopolitical transformation : a reader 
SCMS 310bLatino truck driver trade : sex and HIV in Central America ( Jacobo Schifter) 
SCMS 310bMachismo : a value system of the Mexican peasant class ( Richard G. Swartzbaugh) 
SCMS 310bManhood in the making : cultural concepts of masculinity ( David D. Gilmore) 
SCMS 310bRadical women in Latin America: left and right 
SCMS 310b Bitter fruit: the untold story of the American coup in Guatemala (Stephen C. Schlesinger)Bitter fruit: the untold story of the American coup in Guatemala (Stephen C. Schlesinger) 
SCMS 355Thinking about social problems : an introduction to constructionist... ( Donileen R. Loseke) 
SCMS 387Inuit life writings and oral traditions: Inuit myths 
SCMS 492Advances in content analysis 
SCMS 492Elite discourse and racism ( Teun A. Dijk) 
Soc 220Cocktail Waitress: woman's work in a man's world ( James p. Spradley) 
Soc 333Discourse and social change ( Norman Fairclough) 
Soc 333French immersion: process, product & perspectives ( Sally Rehorick) 
Soc 333Secondary schools French immersion study (Nancy Halsall) 
Soc 333Thinking about social problems : an introduction to constructionist...( Donileen R. Loseke) 
Soc 350Capitalist philosophers: the geniuses of modern business, their lives, times... ( Andrea Gabor) 
Soc 350Karl Marx, the legacy ( David McLellan) 
Soc 350Marx and Engels: their contribution to the democratic breakthrough (August H. Nimtz) 
Soc 350Marxian legacy ( Dick Howard) 
Soc 350Max Weber and Michel Foucault: parallel life-works ( Arpad Szakolczai) 
Soc 350Socialism unbound (Stephen E. Bronner) 
Soc 350Women, class, family and the state ( Varda Burnstyn) 
Soc 350Writing the social: critique, theory and investigation ( Dorothy E. Smith) 
SS 283Being aware, taking care : information guide for parents, counsellors, youth… 
SS 283Report and recommendations in respect of legislation, policy and practices… 
SSSW 210Loneliness in later life (H.B. Gibson) 
SSSW 300Family therapy: an overview ( Irene Goldenberg) 
SSSW 311Activism and the policy process ( N.S.W. St Leonards) 
SSSW 311Social workout book: strength-building exercise for the pre-professional ( Alice A. Lieberman) 
SSSW 311Strengths perspective in social work practice 
SSSW 311Their kingdom come: inside the secret world of the Opus Dei ( Robert A. Hutchison) 
SSSW 380Recovery options : the complete guide ( Joseph Volpicelli) 
SSSW 394Alcoholism & substance abuse in special populations 
SSSW 394Distancing: a guide to avoidance and avoidant personality disorder (Martin Kantor) 
SSSW 394NNADAP review 
SSSW 412Transforming the pain: a workbook on vicarious traumatization ( Laurie A. Pearlman) 
SSSW 412Trauma and the therapist: countertransference and vicarious traumatization..( Laurie A. Pearlman)
SSSW 412Vicarious traumatization : the policies of women's caring work (Cynthia J. Bettcher) 
Thea 201Liveness: performance in a mediatized culture (Philip Auslander) 
Thea 202Dance on screen: genres and media from Hollywood to experimental art ( Sherril Dodds) 
Thea 212Claptrap : a comedy ( Tom Wood) 
Thea 299Anger in Ernest and Ernestine ( Robert Morgan) 
Thea 299Consuming youth: vampires, cyborgs and the culture of consumption ( Rob Latham) 
Thea 299Cyborg Handbook (Chris Gray) 
Thea 299Elizabethan news pamphlets: Shakespeare, Spenser, Marlowe & the birth...( Paul J. Voss) 
Thea 299Grub Street and the ivory tower: literary journalism and literary scholarship...Internet 
Thea 299The Uncanny: experiments in cyborg culture 
V A 123SylvaC story: history and products of Shaw & Copestake Ltd., Sylvan Works..(Susan J. Verbeek)
V A 184A visit with Magritte ( Duane Michals) 
V A 184Beauty in photography : essays in defence of traditional values ( Rober Adams) 
V A 184Bill Brandt : photographs ( Bill Brandt) 
V A 184Bone House ( Joel-Peter Witkin) 
V A 184Bruce Davidson photographs ( Bruce Davidson) 
V A 184Dry lands : man and plants 
V A 184Gods of earth and heaven ( Joel-Peter Witkin) 
V A 184Grotesque : natural, historical & formaldehyde photography ( Atkin & Ludwig) 
V A 184Harry Callahan ( Harry M. Callahan) 
V A 184Harry Callahan, early street photography, 1943-1945 
V A 184Sequences (Duane Michals) 
V A 371Public art in Vancouver ( Doris C. Munroe) 
VA 132Stone (Andy Goldsworthy) 
VA 132Time (Andy Goldsworthy) 
XYZ courseCircles of care : how to set up quality home care for our elders (Ann Cason) 
XYZ courseSt Augustine of Hippo : life and controversies ( Gerald Bonner) 
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