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What is RSS?


RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication.  It is a way of subscribing to content from a website, database or blog.  Feeds can consist of news items, headlines, and events.  They can also alert you to new articles in UFV Research Databases, including EBSCO and ProQuest.

Instead of having to visit websites, blogs or databases to check for new content—it comes to you. 

What can RSS do for me?

By subscribing to RSS feeds from websites, databases or blogs, you can keep current with what is happening in your field and areas of interest.

How can I receive RSS feeds?

Receive RSS feeds by installing an RSS reader (also known as newsreader or aggregator), many of which are free and easy to download.  Here is a list of RSS readers. UFV does not endorse or provide support for any of these products.  Using a reader is much like looking at your email inbox. 

Some web browsers, such as Firefox, allow you to subscribe to feeds (Firefox calls these Live Bookmarks) within the Firefox browser.

After setting up your Feed Reader, find websites you would like to subscribe to by visiting some of these sites:

Or perform a web search with words like “rss feeds and [your topic]”.

Another way of adding feeds is to look for or   on your favourite web pages.  Click on those icons to add the website feeds to your reader.

How can I receive RSS feeds from Research Databases?

Many of our databases allow you to create an RSS feed, either for a search topic or for specific journals.  In general, the steps are simple:

  • Conduct a search
  • Click on the  icon
  • Copy and paste the feed's URL into your feed reader
  • You can set up RSS feeds or email alerts for as many searches as you wish.

Ebsco Databases, Including Academic Search Premier

There are two types of feeds you can set up:  one is an RSS search alert, the other is an RSS journal alert.

RSS Search Alert
After you have typed in a search that you would like to see updated content for, set up an RSS feed by looking at the top of your results list and clicking on or on Alert / Save / Share >>‌ then click on Create RSS Feed

A pop-up screen displays the search alert information, which looks like this:



Copy the URL string and paste it into your newsreader to subscribe to the feed.  If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer readers, you can click on the url itself to add it.

When new articles are added to Academic Search Premier that fulfill your search criteria you will receive a notification in your RSS newsreader, including a link which will bring you to more information for the article as well as the link for full text if the article is available full text from the database.

RSS Journal Alert
To receive a feed for a specific journal click on the Publications link at the top of the EBSCOhost screen.  Once you have found the desired publication from the list click the rss icon to the left of the publication name.

A pop-up screen displays the journal alert information.  Copy the Syndication Feed URL into your newsreader.  If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer readers, you can click on the url itself.

Proquest Databases, including CBCA
Perform a search in CBCA.  Look for the Create RSS Feed   at the top of the results list toward the right.  Click there, and from the screen that comes up, copy the feed link and paste into your reader and click subscribe.  By doing this you are subscribing to new content for the search that you have performed.

You can also set up an RSS feeds for selected publications in ProQuest.  Use the Publications tab at the top of the ProQuest screen.  Browse or search for a publication’s title.  If it has a Create RSS Feed  link beside it, you can click it to create an RSS feed.

Project Muse

You can set up alerts for new issues of journals in Project Muse. For a list of possible feeds, see

Method 1:
Click on the  symbol beside the Journal Title.
Click on "Subscribe to this Feed".
Click on "Subscribe".
This will add your feed to your Browser Favorites.

Method 2:
Click on the  symbol beside the Journal Title.
Right click on "Subscribe to the Feed" and view properties.
Copy the feed url and paste into your Feed Reader.

If you want to view these feeds from home, add the UFV Library proxy prefix before the URL.

Final link becomes:

How can I set up an RSS feed for new books and videos in the UFV Library?

UFV Library is here for you if you have any questions about or would like assistance with setting up RSS feeds.


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Updated Jan. 15, 2010 pw

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