UCFV Library Ebook Survey - Summarized Comments

Q.2 How have you located ebooks?
Google (Google, Google Books, Scholar)9
Project Gutenberg4
Other universities (UBC, U of Calgary)3
Downloaded them online (free)3
Internet, Internet search3
Referral from instructor3
Purchased them online1
Downloaded them online (illegally)1
General search for title or articles1
ftp sites1
Link from another site1
File sharing programs1
Referral from friend1
I haven't yet1
Website Advertising1
Q.7 Under what circumstances do you use ebooks?        Total
For research125
Only copy available (no print at UCFV, signed out, alternative to ILL)66
Convenience (can work from home, saves time, less effort, portability)35
General knowledge or personal interest11
Broaden range of sources (depth, breadth)10
Special features (searching, cutting/pasting)9
Obscure, older work available online6
Cost Savings5
Need only a small part of a work4
Assigned reading or textbook3
Disability (computer reading text aloud)2
To preview before purchasing or ordering on ILL2
Environmentally friendly2
For everything1
Q.9 Please comment on what you like or dislike about using ebooks
Dislikes            Total
Reading on the screen (hard on the eyes, glare, tiring, headaches, recall)86
Printing out pages (cost, inconvenience, waste of paper)37
Prefer books (tactile experience, layout, flipping pages)37
Needing to sit at or use a computer (comfort in seating, posture, reading in bed)29
Not enough selection. Need more ebooks, on a wider variety of topics17
Lack on instruction on how to use them, or difficult to use or navigate11
Waiting for pages to load, problems with internet (slow, crashing, down), O/S problems10
Harder to take notes, do highlighting, skim read8
Not transportable (can't read on bus, in park)7
Hard to find them, or information in them7
Restrictions on number of users (Netlibrary)6
Lack of permanence in subscription titles5
Need better readers (cheaper, better screens, smaller and portable)4
Distracted by being on the internet2
Catalogue listings (appear first in searches, not enough details)2
Lacking Chicago style citation format1
Likes            Total
Accessibility (from anywhere, any time, quick/immediate, no need to go to library)83
Convenience, flexibility, usefulness28
Haven't used yet, but it sounds like a good idea that I'll like22
Don't need to sign out, renew, put on hold, no late fees, can't get lost or damaged13
Increased access to needed content, expands the library collection, rare content10
Special features (highlighting, taking notes, cutting/pasting)9
Cost savings7
Paper free, ecofriendly6
Easy to locate them, and information in them6
Easy to use, navigate6
Good variety, selection4
Downloading, saving3
Can preview books before purchasing or ordering on ILL2
Easy to cite2
Computer reading text aloud1
Beneficial to success as a student1
Can print off pages and write on them1
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