How to Search the UFV Library Catalogue 


From the UFV Library's homepage (, click on UFV Library Catalogue.

Library Catalogue:

To search the library catalogue, type your search term(s) in the box provided on screen. Your terms may be:

  • a single word - juveniles
  • a phrase - juvenile delinquency
  • word joined together by "AND" or "OR" - history and fraser valley
  • an author's name - shoemaker, donald
  • title of a book - theories of delinquency
  • title of a journal - journal of criminal justice


  1. The default search is "words or phrase", which looks in every indexed field, and is a good way to start. Click on "SEARCH" or just press the "ENTER" key to perform this search.
  2. To search for an author, click on "AUTHOR"
  3. To search for a title, click on "TITLE" 
  4. To search for a journal, magazine, or newspaper title, click on "PERIODICAL TITLE"


Search Tips:

  1. Capitalization does not matter.
  2. Spelling DOES matter!
  3. The recommended format for an author's name is last name, first name
    • smith, paul
  4. Do not use long phrases, such as "what kinds of games do children like". Instead, use the AND operator to join keywords together
    • children and play
  5. To find variant endings of a word, use the $
    • delinquen$ will find delinquents, delinquent, and delinquency
  6. You can limit your search to materials on a specific campus by changing the Library box from "ALL" to Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, etc.
  7. Use "Advanced Search" to do more specific searches, such as searching for an author's name and book title at the same time, or limiting by publication year.

Viewing Results:

Your results will appear as a brief list. To view the full record for any item, click on the title. E.g. "Under Kilimanjaro"

Printing/E-Mailing Results:

  1. Click on "Add to List" to mark the record.
  2. Click on "View my List"
  3. Click on the "Print Formatted" button.
  4. A new browser screen will pop up with an "Item Report" listing all marked records.
  5. Print this page.
  6. To e-mail records, fill in your e-mail address and click on "Email".



Revised: March 28, 2011 dc
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