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Outline of the Library of Congress Classification

The books and videos in the UFV Library are organized and shelved using the Library of Congress Classification System. This is a system which breaks down all subject areas into 21 main categories, represented by a letter of the alphabet. The following table is a very brief outline of the LC system, and may be useful when browsing the shelves for material on a general subject area.
A       General Works
        AE-AG   Encyclopedias
        AI      Indexes
        AY      Almanacs

B       Philosophy*Psychology*Religion
        B-BJ    Philosophy, including
        BF      Psychology
        BJ      Ethics
        BL-BX   Religion

C       Auxiliary Sciences of History
        CB      History of Civilization & Culture
        CC      Archaeology
        CD      Archives
        CJ      Numismatics
        CR      Heraldry
        CS      Genealogy
        CT      Biography

D       History:  General & Old World
        (including geography of individual countries)
        D       World History, including World Wars
        DA      Great Britain
        DB      Austria
        DC      France
        DD      Germany
        DE      Greco-Roman World
        DF      Greece
        DG      Italy, Rome
        DJK     Eastern Europe
        DK      Russia, former Soviet Republics
        DP      Spain and Portugal
        DQ      Switzerland
        DR      Turkey and Balkan States
        DS      Asia, Middle East
        DT      Africa
        DU      Oceania

E       History--America
        E1-143  America (General)
        E 51-99 Indians of North America
        E 151-857       United States (General)
        E 184.M5        Mexican American
        E 185   Afro-Americans
        E 201-298       Revolutionary War
        E 456-655       Civil War
        E 740-  Twentieth Century
F       History--Americas
        F 1-957 United States: States and Local
        F 1203-1409     Mexico
        FC              Canada
G       Geography*Anthropology*Folklore*Recreation
        G       Geography (General)
        GB      Physical Geography
        GC      Oceanography
        GF      Human Ecology
        GN      Anthropology
        GR      Folklore
        GT      Manners and Customs, Holidays
        GV      Recreation (Sports, Dance)

H       Social Sciences
        HA      Statistics
        HB-HC   Economics
        HD-HF Business
        HM      Sociology
        HQ      Family, Marriage, Sexual Life, Feminism
        HV      Social/Public Welfare, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse,

J Political Science JA-JC Political Science JF-JQ Constitutional History and Public Administration JS Local Government JX International Law K Law, Civil Rights KE Law of Canada KEO Law of Ontario L Education M Music M Scores ML Literature of Music MT Musical instruction & study N Fine Arts NA Architecture NB Sculpture NC Graphic Arts ND Painting NE Print Media NK Decorative Arts P Language and Literature P Philosophy and Linguistics PA Classical Languages and Literatures PC Romance Languages PD-PF Germanic Languages, including PE English Language PG Slavic Languages and Literatures PJ-PL Oriental Languages and Literatures PN General and Comparative Literature PQ Romance Literatures, Spanish Literature PR English Literature PS American Literature PS 8000+ Canadian, English & French, Literature PT Germanic Literature PZ Fiction in English*Juvenile Literature Q Science QA Mathematics QB Astronomy QC Physics QD Chemistry QE Geology QH Natural History, Ecology QK Botany QL Zoology QM Human Anatomy QP Physiology QR Bacteriology S Agriculture*Conservation SB Plant Culture & Horticulture SD Forestry SF Animal Culture SH Fish Culture & Fisheries SK Hunting Sports T Technology TA General Engineering, including General
Civil Engineering
TC Hydraulic Engineering
TD Sanitary and Municipal Engineering
TE Highway Engineering
TF Railroad Engineering
TG Bridge Engineering
TH Building Construction
TJ Mechanical Engineering
TK Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering
TL Motor Vehicles, Aeronautics, Astronautics
TN Mining Engineering, Mineral Industries,
TP Chemical Technology
TR Photography
TS Manufactures
TT Handicrafts, Arts & Crafts, Fashion, Sewing
TX Home Economics, Cookery

U Military Science UG Space Warfare V Naval Science W Medicine WA Public Health WC Infectious Diseases WM Psychiatry WT Geriatrics WU Dentistry WY Nursing WZ History of medicine Z Bibliography*Word Processing*Library Science

Revised: December 5, 2001

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