The Features Added to UFV Library Catalog


  1. Dynamic Location Map Display (click the link 'Where is it?')


It displays the item shelving location according to the item’s location, call number and title.

·         It shows the item location if the location contains a small collection

o   Example 1: Foreign Language Location (no label on map)

o   Example 2: Microfilm Cabinet Location (not displayed on map)

·         It shows the item shelf location according to its call number, if the locations are 'STACKS', 'REFERENCE'.

o   Example 3: A book is in the middle of second shelf from the left on Second Floor.

o   Example 4: A book is in the middle of first shelf from the left on Main Floor.

·         It shows the item shelf location according to its title, if the location is 'PERIODICAL'

o   Example 5: A journal title is in 'T'section.

o   Example 6: A journal title starts with 'The American …'.


2.      Send Text Message to User’s Cell Phone (click the link 'SMS it?')


·         It sends the item’s call#, title and location to the cell phone provided.

o   Example 7 : QK 653 F57 2007 DVD, First flower [videorecording]


3.      Cite the Book from Library Catalog Page (click the link 'Cite it')


·         Display the citation styles if the record contains OCLC number

o   Example 8

·         Direct the user to 'Cite it' page on WorldCat

o   Example 9

  1. Tag the record into, Google bookmark…


·         Permanent link will be tagged in user’s Internet accounts, such as

o   Example 10

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