So there I was... sitting at my computer desk in the dark, googling the endocrine system of the human body. And there it came, just waltzing on to my computer screen without an invitation. Something like fourteen million hits.

Dames. They always flaunt the Dames when I try to search for something. If only my project were on the study of human reproduction, I would be set.

Sadly, pornography was not my answer this time. I gazed around the dusky room and my eyes fell upon something beautiful. Illuminated by the glow of the monitor, as if sent by heaven -- a UCFV day planner. Suddenly I had the answer to this mystery -- the Library.

In a jiffy, this gumshoe was looking through scientific journals, when there it was, just what I needed. Endocrine System, you've met your match.

I still have to look into the removal of gum from shoes.

Danielle Barbeau
2nd Year, Theatre Diploma Program
Winner - Student Category, 2006 Library Poster Contest

Last updated April 3, 2007 cb

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