As a single mother I am constantly confronted with the problem of finding enough time to physically get into the library to conduct research on any given assignment.

But, despite the challenges of being a single mother and a fourth year student, I have discovered a solution to my dilemma; I put my three year old daughter to work in the library helping me find books, journals, newspaper articles, and asking library staff for assistance when needed.

Amazingly, sending her on missions that she has no hope of ever completing keeps her busy long enough for me to accomplish what I set out to do. And comically enough, the odd time she will actually bring me something that is applicable to a particular assignment.

Kathleen A. Sahota and daughter, Faith
Final Year, Bachelor of Arts (double extended minor in Criminology/Criminal Justice and Psychology)
Honourable Mention - Student Category, 2006 Library Poster Contest

Last updated April 3, 2007 cb

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