Research - the word alone drove chills of the unknown down my spine. Combining it with the word "essay" made me ready to surrender to "Fear Factor" rather than completing the assignment for SCMS 255. Nonetheless, I trekked of to the library for an introductory tutorial and soon learned that it was not an impossible feat to find the necessary sources to write an award winning essay. Little did I know that as I clicked away, following the instructions of our seminar leader, I would soon be sourcing nuggets that would thread together my inspiration for my essay topic. Not only was this wealth of information available in the library, but this vast world of facts and figures could be accessed from home. Amazing!

Linda Drake
3rd Year, Bachelor of General Science
2005 Winner, UCFV Upper Level Analytical Research Writing Prize
Honourable Mention - Student Category, 2006 Library Poster Contest

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