First Impressions.

He called me knowledgeable.
He said I was informed.
He described me as well-versed.
He identified me as savvy.
He disclosed I was enlightened.
He labeled me as expert.
He termed me experienced.
He thought I was wise.
He whispered I seemed familiar.
He alleged I was well-informed.
He believed I was up to date.
He understood I was on the ball.
He assumed I was acquainted.
He hinted I was erudite.
He uttered I was alert.
He reckoned me clued-in.
He announced I was educated.
He mentioned I was learned.

All because I had done my research.

Susan Vinnels
3rd Year, Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (minor in Psychology)
Honourable Mention – Student Category, 2006 Library Poster Contest

Last updated April 3, 2007 cb

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