UFV Library Conduct Policy (Draft)

Primary Contact:  University Librarian

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure a mutual respect for all members of the University community and to maintain and promote a safe and welcoming environment for all users of the library. 


All library users (students, community users, faculty and staff) are required to conduct themselves in a responsible and civil manner, consistent with the University mission, policies, and regulations and in compliance with federal, provincial, and municipal laws.  Users will be held accountable for their actions whether acting alone or in a group. 

Library users are required to identify themselves to University employees by providing valid personal identification whenever such information is relevant to the legitimate pursuit of the duties of that employee(s).

General Principles

The UFV Library strives to provide a quiet, respectful, and pleasant environment conducive to learning. Library users are expected to refrain from conduct that will disrupt this environment, or impair the use of library resources and facilities.

Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Behaving in disruptive ways that obstructs the learning environment
  2. Damaging, removing or making unauthorized use of university property
  3. Removing books, equipment or other library material from the University libraries without proper authorization, or purposefully misplacing or depriving others of access to library material and equipment
  4. Threatening the physical or emotional well-being of faculty, staff, students or others
  5. Possessing or consuming illegal drugs or alcohol
  6. Violating Policy 14 Appropriate Use of Computing and Network Resources

Student Conduct

All student conduct in the UFV library must comply with the Safe Student Learning Community Policy #204 and all other University policies.

For minor incidents of disruptive behavior, students may be required to leave the area. If the misconduct is deemed more serious, the incident will be reported to the University Librarian and Campus Security Services for review under the Safe Student Learning Community Policy #204.

Community User Conduct

Community Users are also expected to refrain from the types of misconduct outlined in the Safe Student Learning Community Policy #204 and will be held to the same standards of conduct that apply to students.  Community Users must also comply with all other related policies listed above.

All incidents of misconduct will be reported to the University Librarian and Director of Security.

Penalties imposed by the University for misconduct may include one or more of the following (but not limited to): a verbal or written reprimand, restitution or other ameliorative measures, loss of library privileges, exclusion from specified areas of the University, being barred from the University campuses.

Conduct of sufficiently serious nature may be reported to the local Police authority having jurisdiction if deemed appropriate by library staff and/or Campus Security Services.



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