Borrowing Materials:  Community Borrowers

Library Cards

Members of the public may acquire a UFV Library card.

  • New community borrowers will be charged a $5 card fee
  • New reciprocal borrowers (COPPUL, CPSLD, etc.) will not be charged a $5 card fee
  • There is a $5 replacement fee for lost or damaged cards for all borrowers
  • Cards can be issued in the Chilliwack and Abbotsford libraries
  • Cards can be issued 30 minutes after opening until 30 minutes prior to closing
  • New community borrowers must bring valid BC government-issued photo ID
  • New reciprocal borrowers must provide government-issued photo ID AND proof of enrolment at a reciprocal-borrowing institution
  • Card holders must be at least 18 years of age
  • Cards are valid for a 4-month period from the date of issuance
  • Cards may be renewed after verification of contact information, providing that there are no outstanding materials and all fines have been paid
  • You must show your card in order to borrow items
  • You are responsible for all items signed out on your card
  • Cards are not transferrable
  • Notify library immediately in the event of a card being lost or stolen [(604) 504-7441 x4344]

Loan Periods and Fines for Community and Reciprocal Borrowers


Material Type

Loan Period


* Recalled fines of $2/day apply

** Renewals are subject to recall and a shortened loan period

*** Limit of 10 items

Books, Audio Books, Circulating CD's.

2 weeks
May self-renew 3 times online**


Periodicals (Journals, magazines, newspapers)

7 days
May self-renew 2 times online.


Videos/DVD's, Art Slides, Language CD's, Curriculum materials

May not be borrowed


Reserve Materials

May not be borrowed


ILL materials from other libraries not offered



Ebooks and research databases can not be accessed remotely.    


My Library Account

Use My Library Account to view your checkouts, due dates, fines, and renew your items. To log into My Library Account, use your library card number and library PIN number.  If you don't remember your library PIN number, please contact us. 


Items are self-renewed online.  To renew items, connect to My Library Account.

Always read the renewal screen carefully and note the new due dates.  The format for due dates is day/month/year (Due: 13/7/2019). Note that renewals are subject to recall: if your item is recalled by another user, you may have to bring it back sooner than the original renewal date displayed. If this happens the library will notify you via email address you provided to the library.

If renewal limits have been reached, or the item is on hold for another patron, you will see a message "Item may not be renewed."  In the case of renewal limits being reached, you may return the item to the library and renew in person at the circulation desk.

Returning Items

All items other than Reserve items can be returned at any UFV campus library. Reserve items must be returned to the library from which they were checked out. Items may be returned in the book return slot at the service desks (during opening hours). During closed hours, external bookdrops are available at the Chilliwack and Abbotsford campuses.

·         Chilliwack: external bookdrop is located outside the south entrance of A Building.
·         Abbotsford: external bookdrop is located outside the north entrance of G Building.
·         Mission: internal bookdrop is located in the hallway outside the library. Bookdrop only accessible when the building is open.

Holds and Transfers

Community Borrowers may not place online holds.  For intercampus transfers of items, please ask at the service desk.

Overdue Items

Patrons are reponsible for knowing the due dates of their library material.

If an item is not returned, the borrower will be invoiced for the replacement cost, plus any accrued overdue fines.


When an overdue item has a hold placed on it, the library will contact the borrower via email and recall the item.  The item must be returned within the specified period (varies by item), after which a recall fine of $2.00 per day will accrue. Check your library account for revised due dates.

Lost and Damaged Items

The borrower will be invoiced for the replacement cost of any lost or damaged items which need to be withdrawn from the collection, plus any accrued overdue fines.

Paying Fines

You may pay your fines in person at the service desk of either UFV campus library or the Mission campus office. The library accepts cash, debit, VISA, Mastercard, or American Express. You may also pay by providing credit card information over the phone.

For disputed fines, you may complete and submit a Library Fines Appeal.

Fines will not be forgiven for reasons such as failure to receive an overdue notice, lack of knowledge of loan periods, forgetting due dates, or failure to renew materials on time.

Suspension of Privileges

Library borrowing and renewing privileges are blocked on accounts owing over $10.00.  You may check your account balance in My Library Account.

Non-payment of bills may also result in use of a collection agency.

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