Guidelines for the Selection of Books in Electronic Format

Electronic books are defined as non-serial publications in electronic format, regardless of price, publisher, or whether acquired through purchase or subscription. These are acquired for the collection when selected according to the UFV Library Collection Policy (BRP-240.70). Some general guidelines are provided here for the selection of electronic vs. print books.

Electronic books may be preferred for:

  • Reference books, and other works not normally read cover-to-cover
  • Books with added utility in the electronic format
  • Texts which undergo frequent revisions
  • Books useable in electronic form that support programs at more than one campus

Print books are preferred for:

  • Books used primarily as objects (e.g. art books)
  • Books not useable in electronic format

Both print and electronic formats may be acquired for:

  • Books which are normally read cover-to-cover
  • Books available electronically from temporary or unstable web sites
  • Books with unique utility in both formats e.g. literary texts that are read cover-to-cover in print, but analyzed electronically
  • Books preferred in electronic format, but which the Library would also like to make
  • available permanently
  • Books selected in one format, with the alternative format provided at no added cost

The guidelines borrow heavily, with permission, from those used successfully by the SFU Library.

July 28, 2011 dc

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