UCFV Library’s LibQUAL+ 2006 Survey Results

For the second year in a row, the UCFV Library participated in the LibQUAL+ survey of library services.� From May 19th until June 2nd, UCFV Library users were invited to respond to the survey and provide feedback on their perceptions of library service. Thank you to all who took the time to participate. Here is a summary of the results, and what the Library is doing to respond.

What is the UCFV Library doing well?

The LibQUAL+ survey measures respondents’ perceived level of service, and compares this to their minimum level of service and their desired level. Out of the 27 specific questions asked on the survey, we exceeded the minimum expectations on all but two (see next section). The questions where the UCFV Library came closest to respondents’ desired level of service were:

  • Employees who have the knowledge to answer user questions
  • Willingness to help users

What is the UCFV Library not doing well?

The two areas where UCFV did not meet users’ minimum expectations both relate to the library’s collection:

  • The printed library materials I need for my work
  • Print and/or electronic journal collections I require for my work

The 2005 survey also identified certain aspects of the library collection as not meeting minimum expectations.

Were there any improvements from the results of last year’s survey?

Yes. Looking at the total responses, perceived scores were up in all categories, which is a good thing. However, in some of these cases there was also an increase in the scores for minimum and/or desired levels of service, lessening our rate of improvement compared to expectations. It’s complicated, and library staff will continue to study the results. But overall we are pleased that some of the measures we took as a result of last year’s survey seem to have worked.

What changes did you make after last year’s survey results became known?

Collection: In the 2005 survey, the area of greatest concern was the library collection. We added to the collection this year, as we do every year, by purchasing books and adding fulltext electronic journals as our budget allowed. Unless the UCFV Library is suddenly given a large sum of additional money, the development of the collection will have to continue incrementally.

Customer Service: In last year’s survey results, one area of concern was customer service, specifically the question “employees who are consistently courteous.” Some of the written comments indicated that students were encountering difficulties when they came to access reserve reading materials. We worked with our circulation staff to create an easier, more user-friendly system which we implemented in the fall of 2005. We were pleased to see very few negative comments about reserves in the 2006 results, so it looks as though the changes were effective in addressing concerns.

Library Environment: Another area of concern in the 2005 results was the physical environment of our libraries. Between the scores and the comments we learned that students did not always find our libraries to be places that inspire study and learning. We have worked over the past year to try to brighten up our libraries, adding some colour to the walls, putting up posters, adding silk plants, and creating interesting displays. We reorganized the photocopy room in Abbotsford to make it roomier and easier to work in. We’ve been analyzing and improving signage, to make it more attractive, informative and user-friendly.

Noise: Students complained about the noise caused by cell phone use, so we developed a policy banning cell phone use in the library, and promoted it using posters and our web site.

Hours: Students felt that the Library’s hours of operation were not long enough, especially on weekends. UCFV’s Senior Administration increased the Library’s budget to allow us to add 5.5 hours on weekends in Abbotsford.

Technology: Students commented that we need more up-to-date computers and more audio-visual equipment. We replaced the old library terminals with computers and arranged to allow access to the Microsoft Office suite on all our computers. We purchased two new portable DVD players, got rid of some old equipment that no one was using anymore, and moved our a-v equipment to lower tables to make viewing more comfortable.

What is the Library going to do with this year’s results?

Collections: The major area of concern in this year’s results remains the library collection. To a great extent this is a funding issue (see above). UCFV’s senior administration is well aware that the current collection is not sufficient to meet the needs of a university, and has provided increases to the library collection budget over the past number of years. Vice President of Administration Tim Segger states that UCFV remains committed to improving the library collection, and in addition to allocating resources from within UCFV is also working with our funders and with the UCFV Foundation Board to address the issue. In late November the UCFV Library will be launching a fundraising campaign with the sole purpose of creating an endowment that will provide monies to improve the book collection. Together with the Development Office, the Library will be contacting UCFV alumni inviting them to participate in this worthwhile fundraising project. Should you be interested in making a tax-receiptable donation, please contact Lindsay Follett at 604-851.6300 or email giving@ucfv.ca

In reading some of the comments, it has become clear to us that faculty and students are not always taking advantage of the collection that we do have, so our push this year will be to work with faculty to make sure that they are aware and making full use of all our print and electronic resources.

Study Space: Many students have commented on the need for more tables and group study space. We are planning to reorganize study areas in our Abbotsford campus library this year in an effort to address this issue.

Library Environment: We will continue trying to make our libraries as pleasant and welcoming as possible. Among other things, we will be trying to clean up the graffiti found in some of the study carrels.

How many people responded to the survey?

The total number of responses was 874.

All students who had registered with the Library from September 2005 until the start of the survey, and for whom we had a current e-mail address, were invited to respond, a total of 3945 people. We had 713 responses from students, for a total of 18% of those invited to participate.

All UCFV currently employed faculty and staff who had ever used the Library were also invited to respond, as long as we had a current e-mail address. Out of a total of 743 people we had 161 responses, for a total of 21.7% of those invited to participate.

Where can I go to get more details about the results?

For more details about the results of LibQUAL + 2006 at UCFV, contact Kim Isaac, Director of Library Services, at kim.isaac@ucfv.ca, or by calling (604) 864-4696.

One last thing…

The UCFV Library is always interested in your comments and your feedback. You don’t need to wait until the next LibQUAL+ survey comes out. There are suggestion boxes available in all of our libraries, and we also have a Library Feedback form available on our web site for you to use as well.

November 17, 2006

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