To configure Write-N-Cite for use off-campus, do the following:

Windows Users:

  1. From the Start Menu select Programs, then RefWorks.
  2. Select the WNC Proxy Configuration Utility.
  3. Paste in the following URL:
  4. Click OK.

Mac Users:

  1. Activate Write-N-Cite.
  2. Enter the group code from the email message confirming your account. If you need help with the group code, contact us.
  3. Select Preferences from the Write-N-Cite menu.
  4. Select the Proxy option and paste in the following URL:
  5. Restart Write-N-Cite for this proxy configuration to take effect.

When you access your RefWorks database, you'll be asked to enter your ID number and password, as if you were accessing any of the library's databases.

You may also be asked about security certificates or secure and non-secure items; if this happens, you can go ahead and click "OK" or "Yes."

Just Can't Get It To Connect?

Because of the various interactions between our proxy server, security certificates, and the like, you may not be able to use the set-up above. But don't despair, here's a workaround:

  1. Delete the proxy settings.
  2. Restart Write-n-Cite for the new settings to take effect.
  3. You'll see a prompt to enter a Group Code; type RWUCFV (this information was sent to you after you signed up for a RefWorks account), then click on the "Go to Login" button.
  4. Log in to RefWorks wen prompted.
  5. You should now see your RefWorks database.

Last updated August 11, 2011 cb

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