South Asia History Bibliography

Welcome to the South Asia History Bibliography. The following bibliography was motivated by my realization that the results of all my time and effort spent searching for English language material to support UFV courses could also be useful to students of South Asian history. The list is admittedly somewhat serendipitous in nature and reflects my own curiosity about India's history. It maintains no pretension to being even remotely exhaustive and is very much a work in progress. I will be adding references to the site on a regular basis to reflect both recent scholarship and older works.

The bibliography is divided roughly according to to time period and includes the following sections:

General Pakistan / Bangladesh
Mughal India to c. 1757                     Sri Lanka
Company Raj to c. 1857 Pre 1947 Punjab
British Raj to c. 1947 Post 1947 Punjab
Post 1947 India Indo-Canadian and South Asian Diaspora

Each section is divided into subsections including: 

  • Political, Administrative, Military, Legal
  • Economic
  • Science, Medicine, Technology, Environment, Geography
  • Family, Gender, Social, Education
  • Culture

In turn the material from each subsection is listed as scholarly articles, monographs and anthologies, and printed primary and digital documents. Where a thesis or digital archive source is available on a free site the bibliography includes a link to that site.

The content and layout of the bibliography reflects the Vancouver and Fraser Valley Indo-Canadian community’s historical contribution to British Columbia and its close ties to the Punjab. While one hopes that the South Asia Bibliography will be useful to a wide range of scholars it is intended to be of particular value in support UFV’s South Asia and Imperial history courses. To date UFV’s South Asia history offerings include the following courses:

History 264: History of India: Akbar to Independence surveys Indian history from the rise of the Mughals to Independence
History 265: India and the Indo-Pacific World studies the relationship between South Asia and the various peoples of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Rim world with special reference to South Asia’s political, economic and cultural impact those regions from contact with Islam to recent times.
History 314: Rise and Fall of the British Empire includes significant discussion of India’s role as part of a global empire.
History 364: Indian Social History investigates the forces shaping the emergence of modern Indian society from the late 17th century to the 1980s.
History 464: India, Punjab and Diaspora explores the history of Punjab, the factors that lead to its special connection with Canada and the development of the Indo-Canadian community.
History 465: British India explores the rise of a British presence in India, the emergence of a distinct Anglo-Indian society and its relation with Indian society as a whole.

The South Asia History Bibliography is designed to complement the South Asia Digital Archive. The later will include a range of primary sources relating to the history of South Asia and the local Indo-Canadian community. It can also be accessed through the UFV Library website.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the UFV library and IMS for their generous assistance in getting this project off the ground. Mary-Anne MacDougall, UFV’s Information Services and History Librarian was invaluable helping to set up and maintain the South Asia Bibliography.  Information Literacy & Web Services Librarian Colleen Bell gave generously of her knowledge of all things software and other aspects of computing alchemy. Diane Nosaty of IMS provided graphics for the site. Work study student Tamarack Hockin carried out the thankless task of verifying the entries for the Company and British Raj sections. Good luck with your research and I trust this little list will be of some help, if only in a small way.

David Milobar, PhD

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