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How LIBIT Students define commitment to Customer Service

How Important is Customer Service?

A key to effective information delivery and management is a basic understanding of customer service. The following list describes how some of our Library and Information Technology students describe the commitment to customer service.

  1. Having the patience and personal detachment to focus entirely on the client's understanding, needs and anticipate what might not be stated explicitly.

  2. The ability to assist the customer in providing them access to different modes of information and the use thereof in a congenial and professional manner and environment.

  3. Know (find out) what the customer needs. Provide what they need and do it in an efficient, friendly manner.

  4. Customer service holds precedence over all other work-related priorities. It brings to fruition a customer's satisfaction. Treat customers individually.

  5. Commitment to customer service means you will provide fast, friendly and efficient service, you will be an expert so customers can have confidence in your service, you will put the customer's needs in front of your own and your company's policies will be dependent on customer needs.

  6. Helping all customers no matter how difficult they may be. Committed to finishing the job and being as helpful as possible.

  7. Commitment to customer service involves a high degree of integrity, demonstrating a sincere interest in helping and communicating. OWN your job.

  8. Customer service is the willingness to listen and respond appropriately. Have an outgoing, helpful and positive attitude. You must be flexible and adaptable to change and able to work under a great deal of stress. The customer is always right.

  9. Customer service is going the extra mile to serve each customer and treat them with equality and politeness. It's being approachable, smiling and willing to help. It also means you have to be flexible to the customer's needs.

  10. Committed to providing the anticipated wants and needs of the customers. To create an environment that is welcoming to all.

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