Branding to your advantage

One of the biggest advantages of looking like you are part of the UFV brand is the credibility it automatically gives you.

That is why we ask you to use established UFV templates, font styles and site colours whenever possbile. Any deviation from these dilutes the UFV brand, and therefore, your credibility as part of that brand.

Your responsibilities

The brand is more than just the UFV logo: it is the level of professionalism, friendlieness, and functionality of any object or event associatied with the logo or the institution.

As a content editor on the UFV website or other online properties, remember that what you put online becomes a representation of the institution.

Ponder before you publish

Am I using existing templates and styles on my site?

Explore UFV content templates for ads, buttons and more. If you need something beyond the existing templates, contact Marketing and Communications for assistance.

Have I made the site as user-friendly as possible?

Only include current, relevant information. Remove information that is out of date, and test your site with new users to make sure they are able to accomplish their goals and find the information they need on your site easily and without error. If your web site provides a good experience for your visitors, it will create a good impression of the UFV brand.

Do I understand the UFV logo and brand, and what it stands for, and how to use it?

Read about the guidelines for The UFV Brand.

Be aware that the UFV logo and the name of your department is already on your site as part of the standard site template, so there is no need repeat these anywhere on the page.

If you have a sub-brand logo for your department, there is no need to use it on your UFV website. The UFV logo is already in the header and your department name is already in the site banner, so it will be redundant to include it again. The sub-brand logos that are supplied to departments for web use are only for use on other websites, when and if needed, not on the UFV website.

Use genuine photos of UFV

Avoid clip art, stock photography, or random images sourced from the internet because these may be used by other companies to promote their products or services. This type of cross-association with UFV can dilute our brand and make the institution look second rate. In addition, UFV may not have the rights to use those out-sourced images, especially if you just found them on Google search.

Genuine photos of UFV are more likely to be an accurate and unique reflection of what we have to offer. 

To get genuine photos of UFV:

  • Take them yourself, but make sure to get appropriate photo releases when taking photos of people. For more on this, visit our copyright section.
  • Find photos in myWeb's media library. There is a Global folder that contains UFV photos that are available for you to use on your website.

Next step Testing it out

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