Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning

Application documents

Statement of Intent    There are changes pending for 2019 applicants. 

The applicant should address all of the following in their (one page single-spaced) statement of intent:

  • Background in mindfulness or related activities, including what 8-week program you have completed and silent retreat experiences (NOTE: If planning to do these after starting, please indicate specific dates and programs).
  • Interest and intention in applying the teaching and learning of mindfulness within a specific context.
  • Professional background in the area in which applicant intends to apply mindfulness teaching and learning.
  • Experience facilitating groups.
  • If applicable, any intention for certification as part of this program (e.g, as an MBSR or MBCT or another mindfulness teacher).
  • If applicable, any intention for transfer of the certificate or credits into a graduate program with specific identification of your preferred program.
  • If applicable, intention to apply for PLAR or special arrangements if the applicant doesn't meet previous degree or other requirements.


Letters of Reference There are changes pending for 2019 applicants. 

Note: Letters can be from any combination of academic, professional or personal referees.

Referees might address some of the following if known by them:

  • The academic, professional, and/or facilitation skills of the applicant that are relevant to this graduate certificate.
  • The ethical, personal, and interpersonal attributes of the applicant.
  • The ability of the applicant to work with diverse and potentially traumatized clients or students.
  • The ability of the applicant to work effectively in collaborative groups or teams.
  • The work habits of the applicant and their ability to complete projects or assignments in a timely manner, even under stress.
  • The overall preparedness of the applicant to handle a graduate certificate in mindfulness that includes practice, teaching or facilitation, and research.

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