Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning

How to apply


Confirm you meet entrance requirements

Check the latest version of the UFV Academic Calendar to ensure you meet the entrance requirements for your desired program.


Request your official transcripts

Request your official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended (other than UFV) showing grade/course achievement. To be considered official, transcripts must be sent directly to UFV from the originating institution. 

High-school transcripts are not needed if you have successfully completed a 100 credit level or higher post-secondary English or Communications course and can provide evidence of this in your transcripts.


Submit additional documents required for your program

Electronically submit all additional application documents to admissions@ufv.ca.


Additional documents

The following application documents are to be sent to admissions@ufv.ca
  1. Official transcript(s) documenting completion of a baccalaureate degree from a recognized institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0. To be considered official, transcripts must be sent directly to UFV from the originating institution; see the Transfer Credit section for details.
  2. Evidence of meeting UFV’s English Language Proficiency policy.
  3. A resume (maximum two pages).
  4. A letter of intent outlining personal and professional experience teaching, facilitating, or leading groups in an employment or voluntary capacity; teaching and practicing mindfulness; and interest in mindfulness (maximum one page or 500 words).
  5. Three letters of reference which are optimally a mix of academic, professional, and practice. 


Submit a resume outlining your work experience (volunteer or work positions). Include names of the organization, teacher, or supervisor where applicable.

Letter of intent (statement of interest)

You should address all of the following in your 500-word page single-spaced letter of intent:

  • Background in mindfulness or related activities, including what 8-week program you have completed and silent retreat experiences (NOTE: If planning to do these after starting, please indicate specific dates and programs).
  • Interest and intention in applying the teaching and learning of mindfulness within a specific context.
  • Professional background in the area in which the applicant intends to apply mindfulness teaching and learning.
  • Experience facilitating groups.
  • If applicable, any intention for certification as part of this program (e.g, as an MBSR or MBCT or another mindfulness teacher).
  • If applicable, any intention for transfer of the certificate or credits into a graduate program with specific identification of your preferred program.
  • If applicable, intention to apply for PLAR or special arrangements if the applicant doesn't meet previous degree or other requirements.

Letters of Reference

Letters can be from any combination of academic, professional or personal referees. Referees might address some of the following if known by them:

  • The academic, professional, and/or facilitation skills of the applicant that are relevant to this graduate certificate.
  • The ethical, personal, and interpersonal attributes of the applicant.
  • The ability of the applicant to work with diverse and potentially traumatized clients or students.
  • The ability of the applicant to work effectively in collaborative groups or teams.
  • The work habits of the applicant and their ability to complete projects or assignments in a timely manner, even under stress.
  • The overall preparedness of the applicant to handle a graduate certificate in mindfulness that includes practice, teaching or facilitation, and research.

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