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Frequently Asked Questions

Modern Languages frequently asked questions

Rotation is tentative and dependent on availability of faculty. French courses are offered as follows:

Every year (fall and winter semesters)
FREN 101, FREN 102, FREN 215, FREN 216, FREN 219

Every fall semester
FREN 230, FREN 242, FREN 245, FREN 319, FREN 420, FREN 430

Every winter semester
FREN 342, FREN 345, FREN 415, FREN 315, FREN 325, FREN 225

On demand
FREN 103, FREN 331 (Contact us for more info.)

Explore commonly asked questions related to placement in a course here.

Contact the instructor who is teaching the course for which you would like to enroll and that conflicts with another course. Instructor permission is required, and each situation is assessed individually.

Permission is required from the instructor to challenge a course. If you know the instructor of the course, you can contact the instructor directly. If you do not know the instructor of the course you wish to challenge, contact the Department Assistant. Once the instructor approves, you will receive a CRN number for you to register. For further details, visit Challenging a Course.

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