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The Faculty of Arts Advice Centre is dedicated to providing assistance, information and advice to all students enrolled in Faculty of Arts programs: the Bachelor of Arts Degree, the Associate of Arts Degrees and the Liberal Arts Diploma. A program planning approval consultation with an Arts Advisor is required for all students participating in any of the Faculty of Arts programs.

To make an appointment with our Arts Advisors, book an appointment online.

Program Advising Tip Sheets

French Programs and Course Offerings
French Course Offerings Sheet 2014

Sample Student Schedule for Minor & Extended Minor Programs
Sample Student Schedule French Extended Minor
Sample Student Schedule French Minor

Sample Student Schedule for Advanced Proficiency Certificate Programs
Advanced Proficieny Certificate in French
Advanced Proficiency Certificate in Russian
Advanced Proficiency Certificate in Spanish

Sample Student Schedule for Intermediate Proficiency Certificate Programs
Intermediate Proficiency Certificate in French
Intermediate Proficiency Certificate in Halq'emeylem
Intermediate Proficiency Certificate in Japanese
Intermediate Proficiency Certificate in Mandarin
Intermediate Proficiency Certificate in Russian
Intermediate Proficiency Certificate in Spanish

Note: Other scheduling scenarios are possible. For questions regarding these schedules, sequencing of courses, course offerings, etc. please contact the Modern Languages Department Assistant at (604) 557-4035 or via email at




Tel: 604-557-4035

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