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Prior Learning Assessment (PLAR) is a process that gives you the opportunity to receive credit for what you already know and can do. Students with previous knowledge and/or experience with one of our languages can receive credit for a course(s) by applying for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR).

The only method of PLAR in MOLA is to challenge the course. Most UFV language courses may be challenged for credit. This means that a student who can demonstrate mastery of course objectives may be granted credit without attending classes (Registration and payment is still required, however). Challenge courses require instructor and department head permission. The number of tests, exams and essays to write in order to challenge a course varies according to the course level and instructor.


Course Challenge Process 



Select Course to Challenge

All MOLA course descriptions can be viewed in the UFV Academic Calendar.  If you are uncertain which course is appropriate for you, please contact the department for an assessment.


Contact Instructor of Course

If you know the instructor of the course you would like to challenge, please contact the instructor regarding challenging the course. Contact information for MOLA faculty can be viewed on the Faculty Contact page. If you do not know the instructor of the course you wish to challenge please contact the MOLA department assistant.


Department Assistant will Set Up Course

Once the instructor has approved your course challenge request, the MOLA department assistant will set up a challenge section of the course with its own CRN. The MOLA department assistant will contact the student when the course is set up.


Student will Register in the Course with O'Reg

Students can register in the course online (up to the end of the first week of classes), over the phone, and in person on any campus. For locations and office hours, please contact the Office of the Registrar. The cost of challenging a course is typically 75% of the regular course tuition (up to a maximum of 12 credits).  


Student will Complete All Required Assignments and Exams

Required coursework and completion dates are determined by the instructor. Completion dates will typically fall within the associated semester.  


Instructor will Assess Student and Assign Letter Grade

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to view their final grade(s) in MyUFV.



If you have any questions regarding the challenge process, please contact the Modern Languages department assistant at 604-557-4035 or via email at

P: 604-557-4035
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