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Career Prospects

The primary goal of the French major is to enable graduates to acquire advanced levels in writing, reading, speaking, listening and interacting in French, one of Canada’s official languages. French major graduates will be well-prepared for employment in teaching French, translation, and working in bilingual positions such as those offered by the Federal Government, as well as in other areas of today’s globalized, multilingual workforce.

Placement Information

For those entering UFV with no French or with Highschool French:
French Placement Flow Chart

For those entering UFV with French Immersion or Native/Near-Native Competency:
French Immersion Flow Chart

Because of varying achievement levels, students may be requested to take a placement test to indicate the French course in which they have the best chance of success.

Program Structure


The requirements of the Major in French are designed to be met within a four-year Baccalaureate program. The French Major provides 53 credits towards the 120 credits required for a UFV Bachelor of Arts degree. For more information on the Bachelor of Arts program requirements, please see the UFV Academic Calendar.


Students who have been admitted to the Bachelor of Arts program may formally declare majors, extended minors, or minors only after they have completed at least 30 credits in the program with a minimum of a 2.0 CGPA on all credits attempted, provided that they have also met the declaration requirements of the subject discipline. Students must declare at least one major or two extended minors by the time they have completed 60 university-level credits. Formal declaration is completed by appointment with an Arts Advisor in the Arts Advice Centre


Lower Level Requirements (21 credits)

Course Title                                                                                   Credits
LING 101  Introduction to Language 

FREN 215
or FREN 230

Intermediate French I
Intermediate French for French Immersion Students
FREN 216 Intermediate French II 3
FREN 219 Intermediate French Composition 3
FREN 225 Francophone Language and Culture via the Media 3
FREN 242 Intermediate Oral Communication 3
FREN 245 Cultures of the Francophone World 3

Upper Level Requirements (32 credits)

Course         Title Credits
FREN 315 Introducation to French Literature    4
FREN 319 Advanced French Composition   
FREN 325 Phonetics and Pronunciation: The Silky Sounds of French 4
FREN 342 Advanced French Oral Communication               4
FREN 345 Cinéma français et québécois depuis 1950                           4
Three of:                                  
FREN 415 Myths, Legends, and Tales in Francophone Literatures         4
FREN 420 French Translation and Comparative Stylistics       4
FREN 430 Introduction to French Linguistics                        4
FREN 450 Special Topics in French I (see Note)                                  4
FREN 451 Special Topics in French II (see Note) 4
FREN 452 Special Topics in French III (see Note) 4

Note: FREN 450, 451, and 452 are not offered at UFV; these courses are intended for students who participate in a formal exchange program, currently available at Université Laval. A minimum grade of C+ (2.33) in French 219, as well as a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.33 in all other courses applicable to the major, is required for graduation with a major in French. Successful completion of LING 101 with a minimum GPA of 2.0 is required prior to the declaration of a French Major.

Need More Info?

For French course descriptions, please see the UFV Academic Calendar. For more information regarding the Major, please contact the Modern Languages department assistant at 604-557-4035 or via email at

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