Modern Languages Institute

Placement information

If you have previous experience in a language and can demonstrate sufficient proficiency, you may receive advanced credit and placement.


If you have not taken French before or have high school French, register in the course indicated (no placement test required):

  • No French: take FREN 101
  • Taken French at UFV: register for the next level up
  • Completed grade 12 French with a grade of B or better: take FREN 215 or 216
  • Completed grade 12 French with a grade of less than B: take FREN 102
  • Completed grade 11 French: take FREN 101
  • Completed less than grade 11 French: contact instructor who will advise you on whether to take FREN 100 or 101

If you have studied for several years in a francophone institution or are a native French speaker, you need to take a placement test. You can block challenge both FREN 215 and 216.

If you studied French in high school (at least to grade 11) over 4 to 5 years ago you also need to take a placement test.

Contact the Modern Language department and request to schedule a placement test. You can schedule the test any week day between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

No, studying is not necessary or recommended, so that we can assess your level accurately.

The test takes approximately a half an hour, depending on the student.

Typically, placement tests are reviewed by a faculty member one or two days after the test is written. The department will contact you within a week of completing the test with your course placement. During the summer, these times may be slightly delayed.

The test is valid for up to two semesters.

Other languages

For other languages, if you have previous language learning and are unsure what level would be a good fit for you, contact the instructor of the course you are enquiring about.

If you have previously studied Spanish or are new to the language, you can take a free placement test to determine your general level, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Proficiency certificates

If you already have the 101/102 level component, i.e., grade 12 level, you can have the first-year requirement waived and can register for the second-year level course.

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