Online Mandarin tools


Chinese Pod

Explore free tools, such as an English-Chinese dictionary, a pronunciation index, and secrets to learning Mandarin.


An online dictionary where you can look up Chinese words and phrases in English.


An online database to help you you discover the meaning of words through example sentences. 


Musical videos

Learn about the Chinese music culture by listening to music videos.

Chinese Culture

Read articles, watch TV, and play games, all in Mandarin.



Track everything you learn and create friendly, intelligent flashcards to help you remember things.

Other resources

Integrated Chinese

A series of 22 functional, topic-based language lessons, from learning how to greet someone to discussing sports.


Browse grammar and pronunication resources, and learn more about the Chinese culture.

Chinese flashcards

YellowBridge is a guide to Chinese language and culture for English speakers. They emphasize strong, original content, simple design, and ease of use via the innovative use of web technologies.

Chinese search engine

Search the web in Chinese.


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