Online Spanish tools


Word Reference

This site includes two free Spanish-English dictionaries: their own dictionary and one from Collins. Each has its own strengths. 


Annenberg Learner

A video instructional series in Spanish for college and high school classrooms and adult learners; 52 half-hour video programs divided into two parts (Part I programs 1-26, Part II programs 27-52), audiocassettes, music CD, video and audio scripts, and coordinated books.

BBC Languages

Listen to Spanish news and radio, explore video tutorials, and expand your vocabulary with Spanish crossword puzzles, and much more. 


Learning Spanish E-Book

A 23-page PDF that includes basic topics such as articles, tenses, pronouns, vocabulary, and verb conjugation.

Learn Spanish Wikibook

Learn pronunciation, common phrases, and conversation skills in nine language lessons.

Other resources

Spanish: Speak the language of 400 million people

An article by the Voices Magazine highlighting the popularity of the Spanish language around the world.

Live Mocha

A free online tool where you can practice Mexican Spanish with native speakers.

Spanish Language and Culture

Spanish Language and Culture with Barbara Kuczun Nelson was formerly known as Spanish Grammar Exercises. Consists of a series of study modules containing grammar instructure and exercises.


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