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Information on the website will now be organized based on audience needs, as determined by analytics, a web survey, and student focus groups. New audience buttons provide visitors quick access to information relevant to them, making it easier for your audience to find information on the website.


  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Improved search engine optimization
  • Improved experience for site visitors (no more clutter)
  • Streamlined access to program information for future and current students

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Frequently Asked Questions

More than a third of visitors to the UFV website are using a mobile device. The new template adjusts to be user-friendly on any screen size.

The homepage works in combination with four audience portals — Future Students, International, Current Students, Alumni & Donors. These pages have been built as part of the homepage relaunch to organize important information according to user needs, as determined by analytics and student focus groups. Links relevant to each audience are provided on the appropriate portal. A guide to finding your favourite link is available for users who need a hand figuring out the new interface.

The homepage features four audience buttons that provide users with quick access to portal that contains information relevant to them. This consolidates many of the links on our currently overcrowded homepage, and was a favourite feature amongst the UFV students in our feedback groups.

As many other universities have recently done, we are removing sliding images in favour of a set of static images. Users will no longer have to wait for the sliders to rotate in order to see UFV highlights.

The vast majority of research shows that rotating banners frustrate users, are ineffective, and work poorly on mobile. (On average, only about 1% of visitors actually click a rotating banner, with about 85% of those clicking the first image that appears.)

The photo highlights in the Features section will help drive traffic to initiatives and programs that need increased visibility. These flexible highlights will support program registration, student services, and more.

Your favourite homepage links may now be in a new location. Download this handy navigation guide to find where you can now find them.

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