Using images

Optimize your image for the web

Images for the web need to be small in size such as 30 to 40 kilobytes (KB) - no megabytes (MB) please!

Resizing your images will allow for faster download of the web page on a mobile device.

Use genuine photos of UFV

Avoid clip art, stock photography, or random images sourced from the internet because these may be used by other companies to promote their products or services. This type of cross-association with UFV can dilute our brand and make the institution look second rate. In addition, UFV may not have the rights to use those out-sourced images, especially if you just found them on Google search.

Genuine photos of UFV are more likely to be an accurate and unique reflection of what we have to offer.

To get genuine photos of UFV:

If you are looking for existing UFV images to download, please visit the UFV Flickr page or request photos from University Relations.

You can take your own photos at UFV public events or in UFV public spaces or common areas without a signed release, but photos taken inside classrooms need signed releases from everyone in the photo. Download the photo/video release form.

Request a photo shoot to be done by University Relations.

Also, find UFV photos for website use in TerminalFour's Media Library in the Global folder.

Stock photos

Marketing does not give access to downloading your own stock images. You can get an image by first searching for it at Getty royalty-free images and then emailing your request to for us to download. Please include any identifier number associated with the image so we can easily find it.


Make sure you have copyright to use the images and content on your web pages. If someone gives you images: check with them as to where those photos came from, and get record of written permission from the photographer and the people in the photos, if needed. Read more about UFV and Copyright.

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