Master your redesigned site

Three easy tricks for mastering your new site

Your website is converted to the new mobile-friendly design. Now, take advantage of your site's new features:

  • New layout and design
  • Improved information architecture
  • New content types and page layouts
  • New tables 
  • Mobile responsive (nearly 40% of web traffic comes from mobile) 

1. Build mobile responsive tables

Your new site is mobile responsive, and your tables must be too. All tables in the new design require special classes to be properly formatted on your site. Follow the following instructions to win on the web: 

  1. Build a table in myWeb using the usual method
  2. While in table properties, set table-width to 100%
  3. Click on the class drop-down and select (value)
  4. Type exactly the following text in the text-box: table-striped table-hover table-bordered
  5. If you wish to right-align your right-most column, add the additional class: tuition-table

Download full table instructions (with screenshots)

2. Optimize your images and video

Before you upload images to your site, ask yourself, "does this image add value to what I am communicating to my audience". Images chew up your user's data plans and make your site's load-time slower. 

Be sure to: 

  • Limit the number of images you upload 
  • Crop your images to 820 pixels wide (images will scale down to phone size)
  • Use a free image editing tool, like Gimp, to re-size your images

Video must be embedded in the new "embed responsive video" content type. Your video embed must be set to 820px wide (461px high)

Download full images/video instructions (with screenshots)

3. Know your content types

Action boxes, accordions, testimonials, and promo-boxes. Your new site may have them all. These content types are designed especially for your mobile-friendly layout and require the assistance of the Web Team for integration into your site.

Contact the myWeb Team for assistance

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