Use website forms

Allow for web submissions on your website

The Marketing web team uses an 'in-house' software to build its website forms. Data and information collected is stored on servers in the Abbotsford campus and no information is stored in the 'cloud'.

Examples of use:

  • Request information
  • Book an appointment
  • Ask questions
  • Invite to an event
  • Apply for a contest
  • Do a survey
  • Get feedback

How can I request a UFV Form?

  1. Contact the Marketing web team to assess and discuss with you the best way to setup, access and administer the form.
  2. Create a mock document with the form questions and answers (if a radio button, drop-down menu or check-boxes are needed).
  3. Include in your request the URL of where the form will reside and the email of who will receive the form submissions.
  4. Do not link directly to the form - once the form is created, the form code must be embedded properly within a T4 web page and published.
  5. An email newsletter, social media posting or marketing campaign can then be linked to the web page containing the form.

Best practices web form use

  • Let people submitting information via forms know what you intend to do with their information.
  • Provide a Privacy Notice (see sample below) when required - collecting information from internal staff and faculty usually does not require this notice.
  • Do not collect sensitive information by forms; credit card information, SIN, etc.
  • Provide people information about how long they should expect a reply.
  • Captchas or Skill-based questions (anti-bot security measure) are required on all forms.
  • Export & backup your forms regularly as larger forms are exported and archived when exceeding 1000 records.


Privacy Notification: Your personal information is collected under the authority of section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). This information will be used for the purpose of providing you with information about UFV programs. Questions about the collection of this information may be directed to --- ---, or by email at

More information on Privacy

BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

reCaptchas or 'Simple Image' spam protection

All web forms on the websites should have

  • 'reCaptcha' or
  • 'Simple Image' on the form.

reCaptchas and Simple Image based questions protect forms from automated bots, abuse and spam. These are simple add-ons to forms that add an additional layer of form submission security.

Summary of terms of use

  • Website forms are to be used on the * websites using the embed code for placing on to a web page.
  • Forms are to be used by content editors for collecting information, general contact inquiries, recruitment, special events and marketing/promotional campaigns.
  • Email or social media campaigns should link to a web page with the embed code, not to the form directly.
  • Linking to a web page also provide additional statistics, metrics and analytics that are not provided from a link to a stand alone web form.
  • Do not ask for credit card information via the web forms.
  • ReCaptchas or security questions are required on all forms.
  • Data collected from the forms are stored for 1 year or up to a maximum of 1000 records. Should the volume of data exceed 1,000 records, the myWeb team will archive your data in Excel format.

If you have additional questions about forms, please email

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