Writing to win on the web

Grab your reader's attention with a bold intro paragraph.

Get to the point: motivate, inspire, or guide.

The faster you take your reader to the heart of your business, the better.

Why is this important?

Visitors & users of your website usually come to your web site with a goal in mind: they want to find details on an event or course, or want to find out how to register, etc.

Anything that distracts, confuses, or gets in the way of their goals will annoy them. The goal is to give them a positive experience.

Know your user and their goals

What does your reader want? Do they want to sign up for a course? Book a room online? Download a document?

Give them the goods.

Keep your goals in mind.

Do you want to increase registration in an under-subscribed program? Provide better customer service with less staff hours? Invite guests to your lecture series? Make it easy for your reader to do what benefits you most.

Anything else is secondary.

When necessary, put junk in the trash can.

Ponder before you publish

  • Will this please my reader?
  • Can my reader easily do what benefits me most?
  • Is this content in any way bloated, repetitive or boring? (Do not shy away from cutting the fat)
  • Will my information go out of date soon? If yes, link to a source with updated times or schedules, or set an expiry date on your content to ensure it disappears before it is stale.
  • Is my content easy to maintain?
  • Have I mirrored content from the source whenever possible to save myself work?
  • Do I have appropriate copyright and permissions to publish this?

If you don't know how to mirror content or set expiry dates, contact myWeb team.

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