• Contact content types display information of a UFV employee next to their photo.
  • Photos are optional but must be sized to 250 pixels wide by 300 pixels high (250px x 300px).
  • Employee's name, phone number and extension, room number, and email are typically included.
  • Optional information is employee's personal and professional background, education, teaching philosophy, etc.

Compare public view and editor view

Public view

Contact Content - public facing

Editor view

Contact Content - editor view


Fill out the fields for your contact

NOTE: Create a separate piece of content for each person's contact information

  1. Selecting the Contact content type.

  2. In the Name field, enter the employee's name in this format: last name, first name.

  3. Input separately their first name and last name  into the text fields.

  4. Select the first letter of the employee's last name in the alphabetical section (i.e. 's' for Smith).

  5. Enter the employee's job title, job type, and department.

  6. Enter the employee's contact information such as phone and email.
    Note: For Contact Phone field, type their phone number AND the extension (e.g. 604-504-7441 ext. 1234).

  7. Optional: Enter the employee's blog/website link using the entire URL.
    Note: For Location field, please select the campus location, and not the city's name.

  8. Optional: Enter the empolyee's biography information and check Yes on the "Display full profile link?" field.

  9. Once you have your list of contact's complete, use the manually use the Move buttons on the Content tab to adjust the order of your names or use the alpha sort function.

Contact Content - fill form 1

Contact Content - fill form 2

Contact Content - fill form 3

Sample of contact content template


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