Page Content

Add text and images to your website.

The "page content" content-type is the most versatile and commonly used content-type on 

Features include: 

  • Text editor (bold, italicize, hyperlink)
  • Upload and place images
  • Create tables (tabular data only, please)

Important note for redesigned sites: 

  • Never use H1 headers. An H1 header is already included automatically as the name of your page. 
  • The creation of tables requires a special set of steps. Get the details.
  • Images can have a maximum size of 820px wide. 

How to use "page content":

(1) Select the section (web page) you wish to work with.

(2) Click-in to the 'Content' tab.

(3) Click the 'Add Content' button.

(4) Select 'Page Content' from the list.

(5) Add your content. 

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