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Make your content work for you

  • Page content formatting is the most versatile and commonly used content-type on
  • What is content? All the information within a website is considered content.
  • For versatilty, content is added in blocks of related information so the blocks can be copied, moved, mirrored, archived etc.
  • You can display your content in multiple ways such as using text and formatting, links, images, videos, etc.
  • Content created outside of the T4 system (i.e. images, PDFs, videos) have to be individually uploaded into the T4 Media Library and then added into your content.
  • Using proper formatting will allow your website to be more accessible to search engines and your marketing audience.

Using preformatted heading tags

  • The name you give to your section when it is created automatically becomes your page's main title in an H1 header format.
  • For this reason do not use the H1 header in your content as it can only be used once as the main title.
  • H2 header format and H3 header format are recommended for the main headings within your content.
  • To identify the style applied to your content, click on the content and check the 'Path' displayed at the bottom left of the content window.

Add content to your website

How to use "page content":

(1) Select the section (web page) you wish to work with.

(2) Click-in to the Content tab.

(3) Click the Add Content button.

(4) Select Page Content from the list.

(5) Add your text by either typing it in or pasting it in as plain text.

(6) Use the drop down Format menu to add your headings.

(7) Use the drop down Styles menu to add special features.

Additional Tips

  • Get the details on the creation a table and its formatting
  • Find out how you can upload images first into the Media Library and then add them to your content
  • Images can have a maximum dimension size of 820 pixels wide
  • Limit the creation of tables for tabular data (display numbers and currency) purposes only

Ponder your navigation before you publish

  •     Does the page title match the button/link clicked to get there?
  •     Is the wording consistent with other pages, and consistent with the site navigation?
  •     Are the options in the menu clearly defined? (Make sure there is no overlap between possible choices, as this will confuse your visitors)
  •     Are menus or sets of links/options presented in meaningful ways? For example: by steps in a task, by date, alphabetically, or by category?
  •     Is the same type of content consistently in the same areas, on every page?
  •     Is there one primary call-to-action on each page?
  •     Does the user have clear options for what to do next, once they have reached the end of the page?
  •     Is this content easy for a Mobile user to navigate and read?

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