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How to align image properly around my text?

Question: How can I make my image align properly around my text?

Answer:  You can use alignment and padding to your image.

  1. Log into myWeb and go to Site Structure.
  2. Go to the section of the content you want to modify.
  3. Use the yellow drop-down menu and choose Modify on the content you want to update.
  4. Click once on your image to select it.
  5. To align your image, and keep the text in the same place, right-click on your image and choose Alignment and then Left, Centre, Right or Full.
  6. To wrap the text around the image, entering the value left in the Float field to set the image left aligned and wrap the text around the right side of the image.
  7. Entering the value right in the Float field makes the image right aligned and wraps the text around the left side of the image.
  8. To add padding around your image, right-click on your image and choose Edit Media Attributes.
  9. Under Padding, you will need to enter a pixel amount for each side of your image if they are different (see examples below).
  10. Update.
  11. Preview to see your changes.
  12. Update and Approve.

Examples of different spacing:

  • Space at Top – 50px 10px 10px 10px
  • Space at Right – 10px 50px 10px 10px
  • Space at Bottom – 10px 10px 50px 10px
  • Space at Top – 10px 10px 10px 50px

Images are too big for my pages

Question: How do I resize images too big for my page?

Answer: You can either resize your images inside or outside myWeb.


To remove an image from your content, do not just delete it. 

You must right click on the image and use Remove Media.

Resize Pictures Outside myWeb:

  1. Save a copy of your image to your computer.
  2. Right-click on your image and choose Open With and then choose Microsoft Office.
  3. Click on Edit Pictures (tab in top menu).
  4. Click on Crop.
  5. Drag the cropping handles to crop out unwanted parts of a picture and to change the picture to the dimensions you want.
  6. Click on Edit Pictures.
  7. Click on Resize.
  8. Type in a value in the Percentage of original width and height box.
  9. Watch the Size setting summary adjust in the width and height amounts as you type in different values.
  10. Click on OK when you have your size.
  11. File, Save as when you are satisfied with your image – use a strong name to tie to your content and be picked up by the Search Engines.
  12. You now need to upload your image into myWeb.
  13. Log into myWeb.
  14. Access the Media Library, through the top grey toolbar and choose Content and then select Media Library.
  15. Enter a Name for the media (can be the same as your filename).
  16. Enter a Description for the media.
  17. Select Browse to choose and select your image file to upload.
  18. Click Open.
  19. Type (image)
  20. Optional: Upload the thumbnail
  21. Select Add to upload the media.
  22. Go back to your content through the Site Manager.
  23. Open your content and place your cursor where you want the image.
  24. Choose Insert Media from the menu.
  25. Click on Assets and then your category where your image is saved.
  26. Run your mouse over the media item (image) you want to use and choose Select.
  27. Your image should now be inserted into your content.

Resize Pictures Within myWeb:

  1. Find your image’s name, location, and dimensions (height and width in pixels) by opening any browser and right-clicking on your image and checking its Properties.
    The main myWeb content window is 460 pixels wide.  Keep your pictures below this width so your page template does not break.
  2. In myWeb, images can be properly resized in the Media Library by creating a variant.
  3. To access the Media Library, go to the top grey toolbar and choose Content and then select Media Library.
  4. Locate your image you wish to add the variant (use the Search function).
  5. Roll your mouse over the image and select Advanced.
  6. Click Add Variant.
  7. Choose Resize and enter thedimensions you recorded in Step 1.
  8. Save with a new variant name.
  9. Go to your section and open your content through Modify Content.
  10. Click on the Insert Media button on your toolbar.
  11. Find your variant and then click the radio button to select the variant you wish to use.
  12. Select to add the image variant to your content.
  13. The variant is inserted in to your content.
  14. Update.

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