Work with a PDF

Add a PDF file to web page (section)

Question:  How do I do create a link to open a PDF in my content

Answer:  You need to upload your PDF into the Media Library and then link to it from your web page content

  1. In the Main Body of your content, place the mouse where you want to insert your PDF link and then click Insert Media.
  2. The Media Library opens to the Preview Mode.
  3. Click on the +plus beside Assets to expand the files.
  4. Also, expand your department files and locate and click on the Category where you want to add the PDF.
  5. Click on Add Media.
  6. Enter the basic General Media Information:
    a) Media: click Choose File and select the relevant PDF from your computer network location.
    b) Name:
     Used as a name in the Media Library to allow easy identification (you can use the name of the PDF file).
    c) Keywords: Enter keywords for the PDF to be used for search purposes in the Media Library.
    d) Type: If you have already chosen your media, this will be automatically detected where possible.
  7. Click Add.
  8. The PDF is ready to be used.
  9. Hover over the PDF and click Select.
  10. The PDF has been inserted in your content.
  11. If you want to change the link text displayed on your page, click once the PDF link text to select it.
  12. Then right click on the PDF and choose Media Attributes from the menu.
  13. In the empty Name field, enter the new name for the link text.
  14. Update to return to the content screen.
  15. Click Update and Approve to save the changes made to the content.

Set up a PDF Link

How to replace a PDF file?

Question: How do I update a PDF in the media library so it automatically updates my content?

Answer: Update your PDF in the Media Library and it will update your PDF link in your content

  1. Go to the Media Library.
  2. Open to the Preview Detailed Mode (small icon on right side of Add Media bar).
  3. Find your PDF and either:
    a) Click on the Edit icon to the right of the file.
    b) Click on your filename link under the Media Name and then choose Modify.
  4. Under Media, click Choose File and select the replacement PDF from your computer network location.
  5. Update the Name and Description or other fields as required.
  6. Click Update.
  7. The PDF is ready to be used.
  8. Go to Modify the content where the PDF link is located.
  9. Your link to the PDF should be updated.
  10. Verify your link by doing a Preview and testing the link.

Removing PDF Links

In myWeb, links to media assets and links to sections are not created equal.

The Unlink icon only works with links to sections.

A PDF is a media asset, not a web page.



How to remove a PDF Link

To remove a link to a PDF:

  • insert your cursor anywhere in the text link,
  • right click and select Remove Media.

Both the text and link to the PDF will be removed.

Reenter text, if required. Update and Approve.  And that’s it. The link to your PDF is gone for good!

How to change the text displayed for the PDF link?

Solution: Change the name of the link in Edit Media Attributes.

  1. Go to the content that contains your PDF link.
  2. Click once on the PDF link.
  3. Right-click on the PDF link and select Edit Media Attributes.
  4. In the Name field, type the name of your link you want displayed on the page.
  5. Choose Update.
  6. Preview your changes.
  7. Update & Approve.

How to make an image clickable so it opens a PDF document?

Question: How do I make an image clickable so it opens to a PDF?

Answer: To make an image clickable to open to a PDF (or another image) you need to build the path of the location of the PDF in the Media Library


The following shows the full URL to the PDF file:

[–default path to Media Library–][——folder 1——][—-folder 2—-][—————filename————–]

Step by Step:

  1. Go to Content >  Media Library.
  2. Expand the folders and find your PDF or media file you want to link to.
  3. Click on Advanced below your PDF.
  4. Copy the Filename
    i.e. Bike Frame Course CS Image.pdf
  5. If the PDF is located in a category (folder) go back into the Media Library and make note of any folder names.
    i.e.  /Continuing Studies/Spring Courses/
  6. The default path to the Media Library has to be included in front of your folder(s) and file:
  7. Replace any spaces between words with a hyphen – NO SPACES


  8. Copy your built media path and paste it into an internet browser and make sure it is working properly by finding and opening your pdf file.
  9. Once you know the path is working, add your path information to your image file properties by going into your content where your image is located.
  10. Left click once on your image to select it.
  11. Click on the Insert/edit link button on the toolbar.
  12. In the Link URL field, paste the full path to your media file you created.
  13. Set the Target field to Open in New Window (_blank).
  14. Update.
  15. Preview.
  16. Test your image by clicking on it to see if it opens the PDF properly.
  17. Close the browser window.
  18. Update & Approve your changes.

NOTE:  This is not a preferred method to making a media item clickable as it creates a hard link which will break if there are file changes.  We hope to have a better solution in place in the future.

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