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Question. What to do if myWeb doesn’t work properly in my browser?

Answer. You may need to update or change your internet browser

  • It is up to you which internet browser you choose to use to edit pages in myWeb.
  • It is our experience to use Firefox or Chrome to edit pages in myWeb.
  • If you choose to load and use Chrome at work, please do not make it your default browser as it may conflict with Banner.
  • We have had reports from users that users have had problems using MyWeb in Internet Explorer.
  • Older versions of browser are not reliable.
  • If your updates are not showing in Preview or after you publish, you may need to refresh your browser cache or clear your browser history.

Question:  I made a couple of changes to a web page and they are not reflected on the live UFV website even after I published the page.

Answer:  You may need to wait.

MyWeb publishes all updated and approved content every hour. If it has been longer than an hour, please try one of the following steps.

Answer:  You may need to refresh your browser.

Hit Ctrl+F5 on your keyboard to clear your browser's cache.

Answer:  Please make sure you are looking at the correct page. 

With the migration, there have been some changes to the names of the pages (sections):

  • Dashes are now included in the page names
  • Some editors are changing their URLs

If you have originally bookmarked your pages the bookmarks may now be outdated.  Try and go to the live UFV website and use the menus to navigate to the page with your changes.

Website Re-direct: How to set one up

Question:  How do I request a redirect from one URL address to another URL address? 

Answer:  Fill out your information on our Request Redirect form.

Please allow 2 business days for your request to be completed.

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