Publish to the Web

Content for the web publishes directly to the live website ( every hour on the hour.

You can still choose from three publishing options within the content editor:

  • Save as Draft:
    There will be no changes to this option. When you save your content as draft, it remains pending until you choose to approve or publish it.
  • Save and Approve:
    Your content will be published directly to the live server every hour. No more lengthy delays caused by publishing to a production server, which then publishes to the live site. When you choose Save and Approve, your content goes straight to the UFV website every hour.
  • Publish Now:
    Select Publish Now and your content goes live right away on the site.

In order to minimize the load on the live UFV website, we still request that you use Save and Approve for content that is not time-sensitive.

If you need to make your content public in a hurry, choose Publish Now and enjoy the responsiveness that comes with publishing directly to UFV’s live website with myWeb.

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