Reorder section menu items

Navigation menu items are in the wrong order

Question:  How do I reorder my sections so they appear in the correctly in my menu

Answer:  The subsections tab allows you to reorder and control in which order the sections appear.

  1. Go to Site Structure.
  2. Click on the section you want to modify or use the yellow drop-down menu and choose Modify Section.
  3. Click on the Subsections tab.
  4. Use the single arrows to move a section up or down one step at a time.
  5. Use the double arrows to move a section to the very top or very bottom of the list.
  6. If you want the system to reorder your sections automatically, first select the Enabled check box (this removes the check mark).
    1. A-Z
    2. Z-A
    3. Last Updated (Recent First)
    4. Last Update (Recent Last)
  7. When using automatic ordering, use can also use the Lock to lock a section in place while reordering the other sections.
  8. Remember: Save Changes before leaving the page.


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