Event Parking

There are some events at the Abbotsford Centre to be aware of, as they affect traffic and parking congestion on and around campus.

February 2018 events:

  • Feb 3: Cheerfest: 8:00am
  • Feb 5: Hedley Concert: 7:00pm
  • Feb 10: Old Dominion Concert: 7:30pm
  • Feb 17: Private Gala: 5:30pm
  • Feb 24: AX Tour Arena Cross: 7:00pm

March 2018 events:

  • Mar 3: Johnny Reid Concert: 7:00pm
  • Mar 7: Santana Concert: 8:00pm
  • Mar 10: Brantley Gilbert Concert: 7:00pm
  • Mar 11: Jeff Dunham: 3:00pm
  • Mar 16 - 18: Can West Speed Skating: Start time TBA
  • Mar 31: Our Lady Peace & Matthew Good: 7:00pm

April 2018 events:

  • April 6: Rock the Centre Concert: 7:00pm
  • April 11 - 15: Cirque de Soleil CRYSTAL: Various start times
  • April 16: Steve Miller Band Concert: 7:30pm

May 2018 events:

  • May 3: Dirty Dancing: 8:00pm


Here is some parking information to assist UFV students and employees at the Abbotsford campus when events are taking place next door at the Abbotsford Centre (AC).

  • Plan ahead. Go often to AC's event calendar.

  • Read about upcoming events in commuter alerts and parking advisory notifications in UFVToday.

  • Come to campus early.

  • Enter and exit from McKenzie Road.

  • It is recommended that students and employees park in designated (employee/student/public) Lots 1, 2 and 6-10 to avoid the traffic and the crowds during an event.  Regular daily pay parking rates apply all day and evening.  Student e-permits and employee permits are valid in these lots.

  • Students and employees may park in designated (employee/student/public) Lots 2a, 4 and 5 at regular daily pay parking rates before 4:00 pm and remain parked throughout the evening.  Park after 4:00 pm, and you will have to pay the event rate. UFV parking permits are valid in these lots.

  • Students and employee permit holders may park in lot 10b (gravel lot).

  • Students and employees may park on city streets at Gillis Avenue, College Drive, and McKenzie Road at regular daily pay parking rates until 6:00 pm.  After 6:00 pm, either move your vehicle, or pay the event rate.  UFV parking permits are not valid on city streets.

  • Students and employees will be unable to park at Student/Public Early Bird and Overflow pay parking at AC.

  • UFV student e-permits and employee permits are not valid on city streets, or at AC's Student/Public Early Bird and Overflow parking lots.

For more info check out  AC's Event Calendar



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