Frequently asked parking questions

How do I purchase an e-permit? Can I pay using cash or debit?
Purchase a student e-permit online at myUFV by choosing the Campus Services tab. Credit card is accepted.

Can I register more than one vehicle on an e-permit?
No. There is no physical permit issued, the vehicle's license plate becomes the “permit”.  Only one vehicle can be registered for an e-Permit.

Is my e-permit valid at all UFV Campuses?

My license plate has been stolen, how do I report my plate stolen in order to have a new plate registered?
Contact ICBC and register your new plate with Impark. If your plate was stolen while you were parked at UFV, it is recommended that you report the theft to security as soon as possible.

I only purchased 4-hours of parking, but have decided to stay longer, can I add time to my existing daily parking?
Yes, either return to any of the meters on campus and use the "Add Time" feature or pay-by-phone and follow the prompts. 

I purchased daily parking from the meter in Abbotsford. Can I display the daily parking receipt at Canada Education Park, or do I have to pay again if I go to that campus?
No, daily pay parking is valid only at the campus where it was purchased. 

When I was unloading my vehicle at the entrance to the library, I received a parking violation. I just left my vehicle for 10 minutes, why did I receive a violation? You were parked in a fire lane, and your vehicle was unattended. When parking to load or unload your vehicle, either pay for parking and obtain a cart to transport your items, or have someone stay with your vehicle while you are away from it.

What is the penalty if I fail to pay for parking?
Strict enforcement of the parking regulations is performed by Impark. Failure to pay for parking could result in a violation. Pay violations within 7 days and pay $25.00, or wait and pay $50.00. It pays to pay the daily parking rate at the meterspay-by-phone, or purchase a UFV student e-permit or an employee permit.

How do I pay a violation?
See the violation ticket for payment option details, and contact Impark.

How do I dispute a violation?
Parking violations can be disputed by contacting Impark. If daily pay parking was purchased, provide purchase receipt including stall number. In the case of permit holders, provide your e-permit confirmation number/Impark account number, or employee or special permit number.

I’ve heard that you can accumulate up to five (5) parking violations before you will be towed, is that true?
No. Any vehicle in violation may be subject to removal at the owner's expense. On occasion, vehicles are towed on a 1st violation (fire lane, blocking drive aisles, unauthorized disabled stalls, safety reasons etc.)

I can't find my car. Could it be towed? Who do I call?
Contact Fraser Valley Towing 604-703-3200

I heard something about free assistance for people that have been locked out of their vehicle or need a boost or help with a flat tire, is that true?

Yes, this is the new “Parker Pete” service provided free of charge by Impark. Call Parker Pete and inform them of your location etc.  Help will soon be on its way.

No, any vehicle in violation may be subject to removal at the vehicle owners expense.



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