Employee passes

Employee e-permit (Non-permanent employees)

  • Only one licence plate can be registered.
  • No physical pass is given (the licence plate becomes the e-permit).
  • Park in any employee or regular stall.

Note: Employees have the option to purchase an employee hanging parking pass at the UFV Bookstore instead of having an e-permit.

Payroll deductions (Permanent employees only)

  • Pay for parking automatically each pay date.
  • Two licence plates per permit can be registered.
  • Park in designated employee and regular stalls.
  • Green physical parking pass is mailed to you.

Note: Employee parking passes are not valid on city streets (Gillis Ave, College Dr, McKenzie Rd)

Purchase an e-permit or set up parking payroll deductions

  1. Log in to myUFV.
  2. Click on 'Employee information' under 'UFV Self-Service Links' (left side of the screen).
  3. Click on 'Parking Pass Application'.

Guidelines for payroll deductions suspension

In order to temporarily cancel (with the intent to later re-instate) automated payroll deductions for parking, one of the following situations must be applicable:

  • Planned maternity leave in excess of four months
  • Planned educational or sabbatical leave in excess of four months
  • Approved short-term disability (STD) medical leave
  • Approved long-term disability (LTD) medical leave

The following list of reasons for the cancellation of the automated payroll deductions for parking ARE NOT eligible:

  • Annual vacation or banked time off
  • Leave of absence (short-term)
  • Utilizing alternative modes of transportation depending on the season (bike, motorcycle, bus)

Process to suspend parking payroll deductions

Those suspending automated payroll deductions for parking due to a planned maternity leave in excess of four months, planned educational or sabbatical leave in excess of four months, or approved long-term disability (LTD) medical leave are required to relinquish their hanging parking permit to Ancillary Services (H158) prior to the suspension of automated payroll deductions. Verification and confirmation of the suspension will be maintained through the communication streams between Ancillary Services and Finance. When the employee returns back to work, the employee will need to sign up for parking payroll deductions through myUFV, as outlined above.

Employees leaving on an approved short-term disability (STD) medical leave are required to keep their parking passes. Payroll deductions will automatically be suspended upon the start of the leave and will automatically be reinstated when the STD medical leave ends.

Employees can contact Ancilliary Services if they have related questions.

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