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Day 1 schedule - April 27, 2021


8:45-8:50 am (5 min) | Dr. Joanne MacLean


8:50-9:00 am (10 min) | Lorna Andrews

Territorial Acknowledgment and Keynote introduction

9:00-10:00 am (1 hr) | Dr. Lee Brown Keynote

Emotional health and wellness in the time of a pandemic

Dr. Lee Brown is the former director of the Institute of Aboriginal Health in the College of Health Disciplines and the Indigenous Doctoral Program in the department of Educational Studies at UBC.


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Mid-morning workshops | 10-11 am (1 hr)

Choose one workshop from the mid-morning sessions. Click on the title of the session to view details and to RSVP. 


COVID-19 - Strategies for Managing Stress

Presenter:  Ronaye Coulson, Homewood Health

This session will explore all aspects of the stress response, focusing on practical tips and tools to bring us to optimal stress levels, thereby helping us to maximize our energy and performance in the face of COVID-19. 

PandeMental Health Issues: The Role of Isolation in Toxic Stress

Presenter:  Sandy Balascak, UFV

The workshop will examine the differences between tolerable and toxic stress and the effect of the pandemic on mental health issues.

Stretching for Stress Relief

Presenter: Dr. Anna Griffith, UFV School of Creative Arts, Faculty

You will be guided through a series of gentle stretches that lower stress and anxiety, as well as mindfulness and breath techniques to promote calmness.


Late morning workshops | 11 am-12 pm (1 hr)

Choose one workshop from the late morning sessions. Click on the title of the session to view details and to RSVP.


Healthy Sleeping Habits

Presenter:  Ronaye Coulson, Homewood Health

This session will introduce participants to the effects of sleep deprivation and review some key strategies to promote healthy sleeping habits.

Selfcare as Stewardship: Sustaining Wellness through Challenge, Uncertainty, and Change

Presenter:  Dr. Christine Slavik, UFV Child, Youth and Family Studies, Dept Head

This workshop addresses the needs of established professionals in relation to the development of self and self-care practices. Excellent self-care needs to be integrated into our lives to be able to sustain a quality of professional functioning over time. 

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