UFV Faculty Capacity

One question that will be asked of all development groups is whether UFV has sufficient faculty expertise to offer a high quality program. Often, the research interests of faculty need to be considered in order to determine who might teach a particular part of a new program. The Vice-President of Research and Graduate Studies might be of some help with this discussion, and the Program Development Coordinator, who works with many faculty members on various programs, can help as well. Also, look through the calendar to see what courses are being taught in related areas – the breadth of expertise available is sometimes not evident just from the personal knowledge of members of the development group.

Finally, if UFV does not have the expertise in one or more areas (or any area related to this program), do the research necessary to understand the kind of expertise that is missing, and propose, in your submission, that this expertise be hired. Faculty from similar programs elsewhere can be a great help in figuring these issues out. Any degree-level program, generally speaking, requires PhD level faculty (or the appropriate terminal credential) to deliver the courses and administer the program. At the degree level, the program must be approved by the Ministry, and faculty credentials must be supplied with the application. If a new position or positions must be created, the credentials sought in the posting must be explained in detail.

Faculty CV's of members of the Program Working Group will be added to the proposal before submission to the Ministry of Advanced Education. Please see the CV template below for required information.

Faculty CV Template


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