Getting Started

The document below outlines the general objectives of academic programming at UFV, and the process involved in developing or revising a program.

Program Development at UFV: An Overview‌‌

The process for creating new programs, or for making changes to existing ones, is governed by these two policies. The approval process is only one part of the overall development process, but a critical part for developers to understand and follow. Review the policies below carefully.

Undergraduate Course and Program Approval Policy (21)
Graduate Course and Program Approval Policy (209)

‌The Guidelines below explain the approval processes and include supplementary information on timelines and campus-wide consultation, along with useful visual summaries of the approval processes (for new courses, major and minor course changes, etc.)

Simply revising a program? Revisions to existing programs are approved by Senate, moving through steps identical to those for new programs described below, but without the need for a concept paper or inclusion in the education plan, and without the need for a full program proposal. If, however, a program revision is so extensive that it might be considered a new program, it must go through the process for new programs.

The approval process for major and minor changes to an existing program, including what is considered to be major and minor program changes, is described in Appendix B, sections 2 and 3 of policies 21 and 209.Program & Course Approval Processes and Guidelines 2013/14

‌The Program Development Office provides advice to program working groups on how to prepare sections of the proposal, and, in some circumstances, logistical and research support as well. Seek advice when needed. Often groups encounter similar problems in the process of development, and can move more quickly if they know what worked effectively for other groups. The document below outlines how the Program Development Assistant and Program Development Coordinator can assist your Program Working Group. Contact us if you have additional questions.

Program Development Office Support




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