Who can create a new program at UFV?

Faculty members are central to the creation of new academic programs. A department or school will often spearhead an initiative, but UFV also encourages faculty from various areas to work together to design innovative, interdisciplinary programs.

University-wide discussion groups that are formed around specific themes or areas of program focus (such as those identified in the Strategic Enrolment Management Plan) may also generate ideas or plans for new programs.

If you are interested in developing a new program:

  1. notify your dean early of your intention (in the case of a graduate program, also notify the AVP Research, Engagement and Graduate Studies (AVP REGS)
  2. Review and Approval Process for New Programs‌‌ flowchart
  3. contact the Program Development Office (PDQA) for information about the process and to discuss options

The Ministry of Advanced Education defines a new program as an existing interdisciplinary major for which the majority of the courses are new or are substantially altered to conform to the program's objectives; a joint major if one or more of the fields in the joint major is not already represented by an approved major; revision of a program's major objectives resulting in significant changes; a change in degree designation or credential that may be precedent-setting; and a significant revision of a program that warrants credential renaming.

(Note: The Review and Approval Process flowchart above does not apply to programs that qualify for expedited review.)

How can the PDO help?

We provide assistance and advice to faculty, staff, and administrators at all stages of program development. We can help you:

  • brainstorm on what makes for an innovative and successful program
  • clarify issues related to policies, procedures, and regulations related to review and approval
  • conduct research on student demand, labour market need, and employment opportunities
  • identify comparable programs at other institutions and explore opportunities for collaboration
  • analyze budgetary implications
  • write the concept paper and program proposal
  • take care of logistical details (schedule meetings and record meeting notes)
  • track the proposal through the Review and Approval Process for New Programs

Contact us early to take full advantage of the services we offer. 


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