Notice will be sent by the Provost's office once a program has received final approval and is ready for implementation. The following offices will be informed: the Dean of the area, the Calendar editor, Office of the Registrar, Advising, Student Life, and University Relations.

The academic area is responsible for implementation. This includes:


The approval date of a certificate or diploma is relatively predictable (approximately 45 days after Senate approval), therefore marketing materials can be prepared ahead of time. 

The timing of ministerial approval of degree-level programs is difficult to predict, so we leave this to the area to decide if they want to prepare marketing materials ahead of approval. 

In all cases, no material can be posted or distributed until official approval is confirmed.

Contact UFV Marketing and Communications for help with your marketing strategy.

Registering the program for StudentAid BC

Contact UFV Financial Aid & Awards for assistance.


Inform UFV International if your program is expected to be of interest to international students.

Contact UFV Marketing and Student Recruitment to talk to the Student Recruitment Coordinator.


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